I'm John, a Cambridgeshire based wedding photographer who found their passion for photography a long time back in 1992. Yeah, its been a long time and I have come a long way in my photography since then (really long hair, lots of black leather and black t-shirts, very loud music and a lot of cups of tea....but I had a camera and I was gonna use it!). But that passion for photography has never left me. I LOVE photographing people, and when is being around people and capturing people the most fun? At a wedding of course! And what I love is being able to capture images that make them laugh, cry, be surprised by, make them go " WOW". I can deliver that. Because I love it too. 

Thank you for capturing one of the most important days of our lives so perfectly! Thank you for being so enthusiastic, accommodating, warming, a laugh and a perfect gentlemen. It has been OUR pleasure
— Paula and Dave

What can I do for you? I will reassure you, I will help you organise what you want from your images, ensure you are not disappointed with what you get. I learn quickly and my ethos is one of happy clients get the best images and I stick by that. So I always go that extra mile. I am proud to say that all of the couples I have photographed have always mentioned me as a person, method and my ethic.

Photographing people is by far the most interesting form of photography to me, as you can never repeat the same photograph. I still shoot for fun even now in my free time. It's in my blood.

Some of our friends are getting married next year and were asking for his details, so I sent them a link to his website. Hopefully John gets what he so richly deserves from these recommendations!
— Sinead and Adam


A full time wedding photographer living in the quiet of rural Cambridgeshire with my wife and my two young, mad, live-wire children. Those three are the absolute bedrock of everything I do and live for. My world, my everything. I have loads of interests that I won't bore you with because really you're not that interested I know. 

A bit geeky, never shuts up, drinks far too much tea but I hope that makes me stand out. I think I have what it takes to make a unique and good photographer,  someone friendly, approachable and a bit different.

So there you have it. You will get me 100% on your day, invisible by being visible, discreet, helpful and there to capture the most important day of your life so far. Drop me a line....MORE than happy to chat!