About Me

Ok, this isn't me now! Yes, yes, I know, comical right? (Secretly, I think its kinda cool....) But this photo was taken not only a very long time ago (at a guess, around 1992! I was 20!!! Oh those were the days.....), but is a very important photo to me as this represents almost the exact point at which I found my love and passion for photography. This particular image was actually taken by my cousin, also a very keen and very good photographer, but its significant in that in this image we were out on a little assignment of his while he was studying photography at college. I took my camera with me and compared to him, was very much an amateur at the time. We were trying out different styles, shooting anything we found interesting, you name it, simply for the love of it. And I still do this now.....simply for the love of it. This photo always makes me smile......good memories, but always a reminder that for a long, long time now, the love of photography has never left me. Its what I do. To me, I don't know of a better job (I still maintain I looked cool back them. This was a look you know!)

I've grown up a lot now from this photo! Way less hair! Much more life experience. But most importantly a much stronger sense of whats going on with people. I have heard all the horror stories there are to be had at weddings and photo shoots, some of them happening to me! But importantly, through experience, study and knowledge, I got the images. Experience counts for so so much. What can I do for you? Whatever you need in your photos on the day! I will reassure you, I will help you organise what you want from your images, I will ensure you are not disappointed with what you get. Most people never realise that a large part of my job is wedding planning and organising! But my ethos is that happy clients get the best images and I stick by that. Never have I had a client so far say only that they liked their images.....I can proudly and slightly humbly say that all of them have always mentioned me as a person, my working method and my work ethic in their praise of the work I do. It all just makes my heart swell just a little!

Cambridgeshire based, living in Soham, just outside Ely, with my wife and two young children, my original study and career was in genetics and was a scientist for 19 years. But I had to follow my passion. Call it my calling, so to speak. I am now using the methodical strategies and skills learned with that experience and putting this to good use with my photography. Yeah, I am a bit geeky, yeah I can talk the legs of a donkey, but I hope that makes me stand out, friendly, approachable and a bit different and unique with all that other stuff that hopefully makes a good photographer.

So there you have it. You will get me 100% on your day, invisible by being visible, discreet, helpful and there to capture the most important day of your life so far. Drop me a line....MORE than happy to chat!