2017 review and where now....

I'm going to keep this nice and short for me really. 2017 was a great year and a not so great year. The highs were incredibly high. The lows were very low. I won't bore you with the details, but after the disaster that was 2016 personally, 2017 could only go up, right? Well, it did, but in a very weird and roundabout way.

After still coming to terms with the deaths of mine and my wifes respective fathers in 2016, 2017 had to start somewhere. And it did. As already reported, weddings were being done, family shoots were being arranged and much fun was had. But, the bookings for 2018 were coming in slow. Probably a legacy of taking the eye off the ball, understandably, in 2016.

So where now? Well, the end of 2017 has been an interesting one. Out of nowhere, I have started to make some really incredible contacts. Wedding season finished up for me with the wedding of Scott and Jess at Anstey Hall in November, which, as ever at Anstey, went down a storm. Was amazing fun and such lovely guys!

But after that, through contact with the lovely Kerry at Cambridge Makeup Artist, who I have worked with on weddings before, I got asked to do a styled shoot for promotion of a gorgeous little new venue, Escheat Farm, and to promote Kerry's and her business partner Alison's new adventure, Cambridge Glitter Bar, which was themed around Fire and Ice and Poison Ivy. I jumped at the chance to exercise a bit of creativity, but what was pleasantly surprising was the number of people involved in the wedding suppliers business and the contacts I made. I made some great contacts in Vanessa and Dom at Rocks and Frocks Wedding Planners, who also hire wedding letters at The Letter Hire People. I couldn't have met a more friendly and accomodating and helpful couple! Imparting advice (these guys really are at the top of their game and know the industry inside out), wisdom and knowledge, I was picking up tips and info the whole day! Since then, I have met up with them both for a lovely chat at Bedford Lodge and they agreed to help out plan a strategy for me to push my business forward to where I feel it should be. Constantly freely giving advice and being just damn fine company, I cannot thank them enough! Their knowledge and insights have been real eye openers for me and I hope to work and collaborate with them many times over in the future. Thank you guys!

As well as meeting these guys, I met some other incredible people. Mark Asplin, who is a top, top wedding videographer at White in Motion, was also top company and we had such a good laugh, as well as finding some common ground photographically. Small world!!!

But of course, big thanks to Kerry for arranging things, for having the idea and concept and for going ahead and really for thinking of me to do the photography. I can't thank her enough!

Also, a quick special mention to three others who have, in their own way, given me support, inspiration and just simply commented or encouraged along the way. Its all been very much taken on board, appreciated and always will be, especially as I respect all three of them very, very highly as photographers and people. Firstly, Hannah MacGregor of Funky Photographers, who has unwaveringly not only given support, but imparted much valued and needed advice with absolutely no quibble or complaint after me badgering her mercilessly over the past few years. I can only say that its because of my admiration for her as a person and photographer that I respect her views so much. Thank you Hannah.

Secondly, Derek Christie of Derek Christie Photography. A man I have never met, but has always been supportive of what I do and again has been happy to impart much advice. He had no need to do this, he lives at the other end of the country and I have never met him! But with the communication I have had with him, he's been nothing but supportive, informative, funny and encouraging and again, I thank him for that.

Lastly and this one is a little left field, but Damien Lovegrove of LovegrovePhotography, a man of who I have admired for many years now and covers so many different genres. A lighting genius, a guy the top of his game and a highly respected, well known photographer and teacher of all things to do with a camera. He may not say much (although I do get a little tingle of excitement when he does comment on anything I do, I will admit!), but when he does, its never disparaging, always encouraging and full of little snippets of advice. Few words but with a lot to say within them, every bit of correspondance has been highly appreciated. Someone of his stature could really be dismissive, but never has he been. I thank him for this too. To have that encouragement from someone at the top of their game like he is, means a heck of a lot!

Last but not least, but any means when it comes to any of this, is my wife Laura. I could write an entire blog about her support, her help, her encouragement, her belief and pride in me. I probably don't say it enough to her, I probably don't declare it to anyone else anywhere near enough as I should, but without her being the rock behind me, even in the face of some horrendous adversity for both of us, shes been nothing but amazing and none of this would be happening. None of it. There is too much to say, not enough space. I cannot thank her enough. She is the rocket for my trajectory.....and I love her for it.

So, lets see where this takes us. I have a renewed sense of direction now. I see a way forward. Now I have people, tools, ideas, things I can use to hopefully get me to where I want to be. People like the ones I admire and respect so much above encouraging me on, which hopefully means they think I am doing a good job and worth supporting. So many things and I want it all to happen tomorrow! I know its going to be a long hard slog, I know there is plenty of ground work to do now, but it will be worth it. I am taking on more personal work to keep my own creative juices flowing, I shall be seeking out futher opportunities to expand my business, I will be doing much more behind the scenes for this to happen so....watch this space! Hopefully the future will be bright! In the meantime, thanks again to everyone I have mentioned, anyone I have worked with or supported me in 2017 and enjoy a couple of images from the end of the year and heres to going forward in 2018!!!!

Instant Snow.jpg

More hair, a downpour only your imagination can muster and loads of families!

July and August were a bit quiet on the wedding front, weirdly. But had loads more going on, so wasn't so much of a miss. Not sure why my wedding year has been a bit "dumbell" shaped. Most of my weddings have been out of season. But have used that time nicely, spending time with the kids, doing other projects and shooting family portraits for a change.

In June, I did another reasonably impromptu shoot with Emma, a long time collaborator who I have become good friends with. We have a lot in common in that shes a scientist, has similar music taste and is very pretty. Ok, the last bit is not so common between us, but you get the idea. She was needing a break from writing her PhD thesis and fancied doing something that was not these writing to take her mind off it and chill. So, we decided to do a sunset shoot on Gog Magog hill in Cambridge. The weather wasn't great, but we wanted to use the surroundings and try a couple of things. We got some lovely shots, but the highlights were a break in the clouds which gave us a window of light from the sun for no more than about 5 mins, but we captured it and it was beautiful! The second highlight was the storm clouds we could see right across Cambridge and they were EPIC!!! We literally got in the car before the clouds utterly burst, but what a sight! Amazing storm and quite beautiful. As were the pictures. And as always, really good fun to catch up with Emma again. Always makes for great pictures and cannot fail to take a bad pic (or have a proper good laugh either! Love shooting with Emma!)


As we went into August, I was contacted by some friends of an old friend of mine to do a quick family shoot with their little one in their home in Cambridge. I can't sadly put up those images, but that was really quite lovely to catch up with them, see how their new and young family were getting on and the shoot was really quite lovely. Such a smiley, happy chap and two very, very proud parents. They are going to make a great team and I think I got some great memories for them.

Something I have been recently thinking about is also keeping the core of my business but branching out into other areas. I feel I need to up the game a little. Its been something on the cards for a while, but I just wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I got talking to an amazing woman who I met at a wedding I shot a couple of years ago. She was bridesmaid and at that time, I didn't know what she did or who she was going to be, but Olivia was funny, intelligent, outgoing, beautiful. And as she found me on social media after I posted the bride and groom's images, it became quickly clear that this was one hell of a talented lady! Graduate of a performance arts school, she can sing, dance, act, model, the lot! And that got me thinking....she would know something about an industry that might give me another outlet for my creativity. And I was right! After speaking to her, we arranged a test headshot shoot in exchange for her advice and my pictures. But on the back of that, she arranged with me a photoshoot for her sister and her very young nephew as a birthday present. I was happy to do all of this as not only was I doing something nice for someone, but I get to do a fun shoot and learn a heck of a lot along the way! The baby shoot was beautiful.....a gorgeous Mummy who was so proud of her little one. It completely came across in the images we caught in their lovely home. The two of them are utterly beautiful. And then on the same day, between those shoots and naps for the little one, Olivia and I did the headshots. What came out of both was awesome, so much so that I hopefully will be moving on with the headshots with Olivia's help as a new move forward for me. Lets see where this goes! I am going to owe Olivia a heck of a lot if this all comes off. Shes been a real font of seriously good and useful information and has been patient with my incessant questions and total lack of knowlegde along the way. Shes also been a lot of fun, so cannot....CANNOT thank her enough. Here's to a future of more potential collaborations (and me picking her brain!). Lets hope she gets her big break.....the lady should really be going far!!!


Last one of the month was a lovely family shoot for one of the Mums at my daughters school. Simple, clean white background studio style images for her, her own little family and her immediate others....Grandparents, parents, sisters, significant others.....took a while to organise due to various others commitments, but what can you do eh? Everyone has a life! But was worth it. Nice fun! Again, probably can't show the photos, but lets say I had a blast, I think they did too (I managed to get laughs out of people who really clearly didn't want to be there!) and we got stuff in the bag. I am getting better at this lark I think!

So thats it up to August.....more to come. I will get caught up soon *he says backing away slowly sheepishly*.......watch this space.....

A trip down the river, some beers and a tent

End of May and into June came at a pace and full flow. The wedding of David and Roger was split into two days....a mid week registry office with just a handful of friends and family, no more. Then on the weekend, their "reception" was to be at the local beer festival! Which is a genius idea! As they were both regular volunteers there over the years, they knew the people, pulled a few strings and there you go....full access and a side room set aside for them. It had the potential to be brilliant! And it was! Wednesday was a nice intimate thing, with opportunity to get a few shots of just the two of them. Mid-day sun wasn't helping, but did my best. The weekend was even hotter and sunnier and was hard work, but it made for a great atmosphere and fun was had by all! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I was baked to a crisp by the end of the two days!


Into June and we had the wedding of an old work collegue Laura and her husband Jon. What a coincidence thats mine and my wifes name? Hardly high odds I guess, but always amused me....

Anyway, this was going to be another slightly different wedding in that after the church, the whole thing would be outside in a local park! More good opportunities! The wedding itself was to be in a lovely little village church just outside Saffron Walden but I was restricted in where I could actually move to get shots in there. It was also pretty dark, so a tough task. But....in for a penny and all that! And as I was just starting out at the church after traveling there from the getting ready gathering, one of my cameras decided to give up the ghost! Nice! It actually worked slightly in my favour as my backup camera is a different format and it worked better in that environment than my second camera! Anyway, technicalities aside, I loved this one! Such good fun! Chilled, relaxed, Laura looked amazing and Jon looked like he had walked straight off the pages of a catalogue! I was made to feel welcome, had the run of the shop to get the shots I wanted or needed and two very willing models to get one of the best shots I think I have ever taken at a wedding! You will see....look below.....

Thanks for a great day guys!!!


Two more (but not really!) from Mad May! (not the Prime Minsiter....)

May continues.....as said, not our supreme being of a leader.....lets not go there.....

Not long after the last shoot, in my last blog, I was booked in to do what ended up being the most intimate, challenging, yet ultimately rewarding wedding I have shot to date. Paula got in touch with me a long time ago as when my daugher was at pre-school, so was hers and found out on the grapevine I did photography. When her daughter ended up going to another school, she found me through friends and reminded me she was interested in booking me for their wedding. Well, I wasn't expecting what was to come next. The wedding itself was middle of the week and there was to be four people....yep, thats right, four. The bride and groom and witnesses! That was it! And not even any photos of the ceremony! As Alice said...curiouser and curiouser! Turns out that the wedding was an intimate affair for their own reason, but wanted me to shoot a few portraits for fun after the event while they were still both dressed in their togs and to commemorate the day. Ely Cathedral was to be the venue! So, day came and Paula and her now new husband (they had been together over 20 years!) Dave looked fantastic and the weather and the cathedral made good to capture a bit of fun! The main event for photography for me was the Saturday following....

Saturday came and when I entered the room, fear struck me! Don't worry, I strive in the face of a challenge! But it was dark and whats more the DJ had gone to town with the lighting....purple, yellow, uplights, spotlights, all round the room. Basically, a photographers worst nightmare. Also, I wanted, for Paula and Dave, to try and get some "wallhanger" shots but the venue....with the greatest respect, wasn't really delivering on points of interest to make good on those shots. Never fear!!! PhotoMan to the rescue! The evening was lovely. Fun, dancing, great music, kids enjoying themselves, oldies having a ball....it was such a fun evening to be part of. I did my best in the conditions to get images that captured their event, but the wallhanger was still eluding me. Then a brainwave....the sports field outside was giving me a long shot as the sun hadn't quite gone down, but a vision appeared in my mind! See below for the outcome.....

Thanks Paula and Dave. It was really an honour and a pleasure for me to be part of the great fun you two produced! Amazing couple of days and thanks for the challenge! I hope I managed to pull it off for you!


Definitely not any Ides in May!

May was a busy month both personally and with work. The month started with the amazing wedding at Whitworth Hall in Manchester of Hazel and Reynard. They did the very flattering thing of stalking me for a little while as they wanted to get me to travel up to Manchester to shoot their wedding, which was really rather nice! Booked into one of Manchester Premier sleeping establishments (no, really, it was a Premier Inn!), I made it up the night before ready for a long day ahead. And what a day! Meeting at the super grand Midland Hotel in the city centre, I had a very chilled morning doing bridal AND groom prep, meeting new people, having fun. Then onto the quite magnificent Whitworth Hall, the likes of a place I had never shot before, ever. It was ENORMOUS! But luckily for me, well lit and had plenty of interesting features to make the best of. Hazel and Reynard were a delight....accomodating for ideas, happy for me to get on with things and just capture what was a fantastic day. Thanks guys! I think the photos got it!

I was then hired a few days later to do a lovely family shoot in the gardens of Bury St Edmunds. I was contacted a long time ago and it took a while to get it organised due to them moving, the husband being ordained, getting family together....was tricky. And then on the day, it rained! But, not to worry, what we got was some lovely moments with a family who clearly were the best of friends






This family couldn't have been more chilled and relaxed and totally comfortable with me, each other and the surroundings. Rain and clouds didn't put them off habing a really lovely time and I thoroughly enjoyed my short time with them.

Thick and fast.....

February was a quiet month in terms of wedding photography. All was gearing up for when it all kicked off in the next couple of months. But that doesn't mean to say I didn't have stuff going on! No siree!

I did a quick shoot with an aspring model in Cambridge for a bit of fun. We had been trying to arrange it for a while, but not only had I had my own personal problems, but she too had had a bit of a rough time of it personally, so the shoot never really got off the ground. But we eventually arranged it when we had time and our heads were in the right place, we went for a walk around Cambridge and tried to capture something of her and the city as we went. I think we nailed it, but she was very critical, saying she looked tired and although the photos are nice, she didn't like herself in them! Well, I disagree, but I did say we would arrange another shoot sometime to try and get what she wanted from them. But anyway, here are a couple of images.....I will let you be the judge!

April came round pretty quickly! And things got busier quickly! Firstly, the wedding of Hanna and Will, who, due to Hanna's pregnancy, were only having a wedding for part of the day, but that day was filled with fun and punting!!! Two lovely people, so easy going and just wanted a really relaxed, chilled day to remember. Boy did they get it! Sun was out, the crowd was happy and up for it and I got to go along for the ride! Below is a few shots from their day. Click on the left or right of the photos to scroll through

Good luck to them and their burgeoning family!

Then came the pre-wedding shoot of Jon and Laura. Laura was a friend and work colleague from a little while ago when I was still back working as a scientist. Luckily for Laura, she got out and went on to bigger and better things and we kept in touch via social media and the like. But we hadn't seen each other for a while and it came as a little surpise that she was getting married! But, they got in touch, we agreed that it would be fab that I could shoot their wedding and the gig was on! A pre-wedding shoot was arranged and we met up in Saffron Walden gardens, a very pretty place just on the edge of the town and a place I was unaware even existed! But was worth doing.....getting to know Jon better, having a laugh, trying stuff out and chilling out.....was an absolute blast!

I think thats enough for this blog! May gets even more busy.....some awesome stuff to come! Keep an eye out!

I am just warming up...

This year started relatively slowly for me, but as future blogs will attest to, this is rapidly changing!

I started the year with a small, intimate wedding of Rachel and Mark at The Missing Sock (www.themissingsock.co.uk) in Cambridge, a small, eclectic little restaurant with a great and free atmosphere. It was a real pleasure and a lot of fun to be around just the close friends and family of these two.

Not long after this, I was contacted by an old friend who works for Professional Photo Magazine and asked me if I wanted to review a product they had. Was a bit out of the blue, but was up for giving it a go. I do like to ramble.....you may have noticed!

The product was a Black Rapid Double camera strap. I have a single one myself and love it and the new one was good, but I didn't get on with it as well as my single strap. The review can be seen in the magazine somewhere, but I was famous for all of 10 seconds! Words and pics by me, there, on the page! Cool eh? More of that to come....

I was then asked by another good friend if I would do some headshots for her burgeoning make up and beauty business. Go check her out. All done ethically and so on and its an experience rather than a "make-over". She's good!


Anyway, headshots were for the business cards, website, usual stuff. And being a bit of an extrovert herself, she decided she would also get in front of the camera. And what a brill job these three did! Great stuff


And finally, for now at least until the next blog, I was asked by Lisa, my friend at Professional Photo mag, to do another product review. Now this one didn't quite go to plan. I was not aware that the magazine had had the product under the intent of giving one away as a prize in a competition. The product was (I won't name it here) a device that was supposed to give "professional" results for headshots with a single, on camera flash and a card to work like it would if you bounced light from a wall, or ceiling, as many photographers do when there is little or no usable light in a situation. To say that I thought it wasn't very good is me being epicly understated! I asked around for potential subjects to work on and an old friend, who is in the process of completing her PhD and needed profile shots for LinkedIn and the likes stepped up. We arranged a date, met at her college in an old beautiful room in Darwin College and we set to go. We got some natural light shots in the bag for her to use straight away. They were lovely and that part of the job was done. But the product review? Hmmmmm.....well, I won't put those results up. The review went off and I was then subequently told about the competition. I had ripped it to bits, metaphorically. I felt awful!!! But I was told, and have consequently seen, that my review would be "re-worded" to be a touch more favourable. Good job really.....I wasn't kind! But I was very pleased, as was my friend Claire, of the images we got before we got the contraption out! See for yourself!

Anyways, in the next blog, as promised, as much fun as these things are, we are moving up a gear.....weddings!

Whoa there.....where have I been?!!!

Wow.....its been a while no? Far too long! And so much to talk about! I promise, I will try and keep things as short as possible, but this is me of course. Harder than it sounds.....

Since the last time I blogged, loads has gone on really. Life has been hectic, manic, hard for a number of reasons that I won't bore you with, but lets just say 2016 was a very tricky time for our family. But I digress. Still, business kept going, life moves on, so on with whats been going on!

After Charlotte and Rob's wedding, it all came a bit thick and fast!

October, usually the end of the wedding season, brought two very different weddings for me. First was the more "traditional" but no less fantastic wedding of Jo and Mark at Bedford Lodge. Great venue, beautifully chilled and relaxed wedding, Jo and Mark are made for each other and allowed me to indulge a little and were really into trying to create some lovely images. Jo looked amazing, Mark seriously dapper, we couldn't really go wrong. I think we succeeded!

Not long after that, on a GLORIOUS day at Wicken Fen I did a lovely, intimate and highly enjoyable family shoot for Charlotte, Richard and their two gorgeous kids. The light was low and bright, the surroundings was lovely, the kids played along and were a heap of fun and the photos were perfect for a lovely autumn day. Some gorgeous intimate moments.

Nikki and Giles' wedding was very different indeed! Drayton Manor Park no less!!! Married in the hotel of the same name on the grounds of the park, the wedding itself had a very heavy Halloween theme to it, with the guys themselves, I am sure they won't mind me saying, making the whole day a little different to go with their own "alternative" lifestyle and mindset! Both looked amazing, Nikki in a lovely dress that really accentuated her tattoos and hair, Giles dressed up like he had walked straight off a movie set! And to top it off, in the evening was a spectacular fireworks display that finished the day off brilliantly. The whole day was another superbly chilled honour to be part of. I wish them both the best!

November was a mixed month really. As I mentioned earlier, for me and my own family, 2016 was a difficult one due to a couple of losses that happened in quick succession. But it wasn't just my family that was suffering. A good friend of mine lost a family member very close to them after a long illness and then not long after that, while my family was battling our own issues, I found out that another friend of mine had the news that their Mum had a terminal illness too. The tragedy for my family and friends just seemed to come thick and fast in the latter half of the year.

As a consequence of this, I was asked if I would be able to shoot some photos for my friends parents as they were renewing their weddingvows while they were still able. Of course, I said yes. It was truly an honour to be asked and the day was a very emotional one, but also one of good cheer, respect, fun and lightheartedness, as was planned by the ill lady herself. Go out with a bang....she certainly did. To know I was possibly one of the last people to get photos of them together, as a family on that special day is a truly touching and emotional moment for me. It goes to show the importance of photography in peoples lives, yet its taken so much for granted. Memories to be cherished forever.

On a lighter note, an old work colleague, Vic, who someone who I have known for a long time, was getting married to her partner Jo on New Years Eve....another wedding at Anstey Hall in Cambridge. Vic and Jo would be my first same sex wedding and I was very excited about this. But before this, we had planned a pre-wedding shoot.....but the weather wasn't playing ball. So, we decided to do more of a family shoot (they had not long had their little boy and he was growing up fast!) in and around the house and what a shoot it was! Tea, laughs, sleeping baby.....we just winged it, but got some lovely images for them. Now, the wedding was going to be something else......

Back to Charlotte, who I did the family shoot for. She wanted me to do a "day in the life" shoot for her, at home, following her and the kids around just living their life and me capturing them in their day. I love shoots like this as its much more of a picture of peoples lives, without the context of being set up, or feeling like you have to play to the camera. Its relaxed, its fun and the photos can be really rather beautiful. I went to the house and the kids were already on form, so we just settled in for the next few hours and I shot away....such a privilege to be asked to be part of peoples lives like this. I never, ever take this for granted.

Then on to the big one......the Vic and Jo Spectacular on NYE!!! And what a day it was!!! In from the start, Vic and Jo let me have free reign. It was good to see Kerry Curl who did an amazing and superbly efficient job of making Vic and Jo look even more amazing. Kerry really is a make up artist who is at the top of her game, highly sought after and a really lovely person to boot. The ceremony was squeezed in to the library of the Hall, which was packed and there was hardly a dry eye in the house. But it was so much fun and lighthearted, the whole thing tailored to be as much fun as possible. And being NYE, it added that little extra to the day too. I can truly say that its one of THE most bouncing weddings I have been to! The whole place rocked with the frankly fantastic live band and then we had the delight of the midnight fireworks, which were beyond expectation. The whole day was an amazing experience, one that will live in the memory for quite some time.

So, we are now into 2017 and lets hope, certainly on a personal level, its a better one. Times are already troubled in the world right now, depending on which side of the fence you sit, but we can only move onwards and upwards and make life as happy and as good as can be. I started off in great style with a small and fun wedding shoot of Rachel and Mark at The Missing Sock, a quirky, fun little restaurant near Cambridge. They didn't want anything huge or spectactular, just a small close nit wedding for which to have fun. Their needs for their photography reflected that, but in the short time I was there, I got some lovely insights to the family, friends and the day that was to come. Rachel and Mark were open, fun, honest and up for a good giggle and the photos definitely showed this. If this was the start for my work this year, then long may it continue!

McDonalds was the key....

Charlotte and Rob....ahhh Charlotte and Rob. So far, don't think I have met a more chilled, relaxed, sorted couple. Nothing was an issue, everything was all taken in its stride. How to make my job really easy eh? Well, relatively anyway!

I met them a while ago, well in advance of the wedding, at their house as they had heard of me through someone who knew me through my wife, who works at the same place as Charlotte used to. Complicated, yeah, I know. Anyway, pretty much booked me on the spot, which was lovely and the date was set.

What a beautiful day.....which started out with me not being able to find the house Charlotte was getting ready at! No problem though, I blame the Sat Nav. I was greeted by Charlotte's step-dad, who was really accommodating and friendly and this would come back to be in a big way later in the day.

I was lead upstairs and greeted by Charlotte and her Mum already well into getting their hair done in a beautiful, big, airy, light room, with the bridesmaids dotted around, all in their dressing gowns, working hard on their phones, waiting in turn to be seen to. I was welcomed with such warmth, I instantly felt at ease.

Doing the make up and hair was the team of Kerry of www.cambridgemakeupartist.com

And Eileen of Curl Up and Dye by Eileen http://www.facebook.com/Curl-Up-Dye-by-Eileen-926873567427654

These guys rocked! I didn't actually realise that it was the same Eileen who now worked at Salon 262 (http://www.salon262.co.uk) in Cambridge I collaborate with,  but there you go! Both Eileen and Kerry were very chilled, calm and had the whole lot under control, even with so many people to do. And the job they did, on the spot, was amazing. When all done, everyone looked a million dollars! It was such hard work, but such good fun, even McDonalds was ordered to be fetched so we could all have a bit to eat, me included, before the long wait for the evening dinner!!! Totally hit the spot, I have to admit. And this is from someone who usually runs a mile from McDonalds! But was much needed!

Finally, Charlotte was done. No nerves, no hassles, chilled, relaxed and just going with the flow, she looked just so fantastic. Her manner made her seem even more to be having just the time of her life.

I left them to it to get to the church to get a few of Rob and Charlotte's arrival. When I got there Rob said he was super nervous, but if he was, he didn't show it. He was chatting, chilling and looking really super dapper in his tweed suit and brogues.....very country boy smart! Charlotte arrived, the ceremony was beautiful, the weather outside was great and the whole thing went like clockwork. Then on to the party!

Longstowe Hall (www.longstowehall.co.uk) is a place I hadn't been to before, but its a privately owned, still lived in, family home with some magnificent gardens, grounds and settings. The reception is held in their large marquee, but was beautifully dressed. But, to be fair, the weather kept most people outside and what a way to spend the rest of the day! The atmosphere was fantastic. Champagne was being swigged, spirits were high, dinner and speeches were all very good....doesn't get a lot better really. And what a place to take advantage of for photography! I hope I didn't disappoint!

But this is where Step-Dad comes back in. Guess who left his camera bag back at the church? Yeah........NEVER have I ever forgotten anything, ever. I am a stickler for double checking everything, but I was so caught up in the moment and worried about getting to the venue for their arrival in time, I totally forgot to pick it up! Step-Dad to the rescue! Bless him, before he had a drink in him found the vicars number, made sure the church was still open, drove the 20 mins back to get it, bring it back and drop it off for me too! The man is a legend and I owe him big time. Never shall I let THAT happen again!

All in all, the whole day was a huge success. I wish Charlotte and Rob all the success and happiness going forward. I know they will make it work as they seemed so well matched and happy. Rob looked like he had hit jackpot the whole day and so he should have. Charlotte looked stunning and is a fantastic and lovely person to boot. Long may it continue! Cheers guys for making my day a truly great one and a relatively easy one.


A joining across the Atlantic

Early September saw me shooting a small, intimate and ultimately bonkers and rowdy wedding in Cambridge. Christina and James weren't necessarily that interested in getting photos done, but felt that there was a need as there was a large number of Christina's friends and family coming over from the US especially for the day. Christina is a reserved character, not one for being in the spotlight, but hey....its a wedding. Kinda inevitable, right? James was super quiet, a reserved man, probably of the same mindset as his wife to be. They just wanted to be together. The day had to be special. That was all they were asking for.

But, I was hired to do the job as she saw my work and liked it through Instagram. Who KNEW it was a good marketing tool, right? I certainly didn't, but publicity is publicity and if it works, happy days!

The day came and I was a little taken aback as I wasn't used the way things were done. Its done "American" style.....wedding breakfast, speeches etc were all done the day before as part of the rehearsal for the big day. Who knew? I didn't! Anyway, I got to work on what started as a nice sunny day shooting the bridal party getting ready in a lovely annex of the cute and beautiful St Andrews Church in Oakington. Great light, really chilled and relaxed atmosphere. No make up artists, no hair stylists.....all was done by the guests themselves. It was quite refreshing and relaxing. When all was done, Christina looked amazing! As did the bridesmaids in matching purple colour dresses.....but notice the dresses themselves weren't the same. Nice touch that. Like it!

The church ceremony went without a hitch, although I was very much restricted in what I could shoot by the vicar.....nothing during the ceremony. A real shame as thats some of the best moments.....ah well, can't win them all.

Then on to the White Horse Pub in Oakington. Yep, the pub! How awfully British! I suspect Christina was getting into the spirit of things as she also clearly ordered the British weather too.....the rain started. But, a fantastic buffet was put on, music was played loud and the Americans at least definitely didn't let the weather get them down! Dancing, drinking, eating....it was all done outside, even while it rained! Great atmosphere and was a pleasure to be a part of. Here's wishing Christina and James all the happiness for the future! I was honoured to shoot such a "different" wedding!


The one with a tree

A couple of weeks back, I had the absolute joy, and may I say, honour, to photograph the wedding of two of the funniest, bonkers, chilled out, lovely client couples I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in Clare and Keith! Plans were put in place, ideas were talked about, special things were wanted. But you know what? NONE of that mattered. None. Not a jot. A lot of the above never got shot! Why? Who cares! It worried me at the time, I was a little scared that we didn't get a large chunk of what we were planning on shooting. It boiled down to that day was all about, in the end, going with the flow and above all else, having a damn good time! And did I have that? You BET you I did! Did the bride and groom? OH YES!!! Hilarity, fun, relaxation, a really beautiful wedding and a great, great venue with superb weather. Clare looked absolutely amazing, Keith looked super dapper in non-traditional wedding clothes (just how I prefer!) and they were simply wanting the best day possible. The day, on reflection, was a HUGE success. I even managed to have a beer at the end of the day! I can't thank Clare and Keith enough for giving me the opportunity to shoot this wedding. The photos tell a story and that story was nothing but fun from beginning to end. Its not often you come away from shooting a wedding thinking you have made some lovely friends.

Thanks to the Willow Tree in Bourn (www.thewillowtreebourn.com) for creating such a fantastic, intimate and quirky venue to enjoy this day and big props to Hayley Pavlou of Hayley Elizabeth Weddings and Events (www.hayleyelizabethevents.com www.facebook.com/Hayleyelizabethevents) for keeping the whole day together and making the whole thing run way more smoothly than it should have done!


So, it was a bit of a rush job really. One of my best friends called and asked me if I was available and if I was, could I shoot his brother Andy and his fiance Emma's wedding. It was a bit of a distance away, but nothing too bad. And I was free and I can never turn down a good wedding to shoot! 

But this one was to be a bit special...

Not the venue. That was lovely. But it was a simple church, nothing I haven't shot before. Not the style of the wedding and the place for the reception either. Again, a really beautiful place and a place I hadn't been before and was just perfect for the bride and groom http://www.hawkesyardestate.com A lovely mix of modern and traditional set in some beautiful grounds and a grand house. No, this was special due to the circumstances this wedding organised.

I won't go into details, but the family as a whole are going through some troubling times at the moment. Life changing times. I have known them all since I was at University over 20 years ago now, I lived with my best mate for two of my four years there....we know each other well. And the circumstances around the wedding made me want to do this even more. It was going to be a special day, one that needed to be captured. I was more than happy to do it. 

Arrangements were made, plans were put in place, we were on! 

The day came and I was meeting the bride and her family for the first time, which was a little intimidating, but I needed not have worried. They couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly and gave me pretty much free reign to wonder around and shoot as and whenever. 

Then it was time to leave and head down to my mates parents some half an hour away, where the grooms party was getting ready to do some shots there. Time and schedule were tight, so would be typical that for some reason my car decided to thrown some kind of wobbler and not actually open or lock so I couldn't get in or out of the car! Eventually I got in using the key but the rest of the car remained locked....which didn't bode well as the rest of my gear was in there. So, I headed down to my friends house and just got on with the job. Its a place I have been many times before and was like going back almost to meet my own family. Lovely place, lovely people. I felt at home to go ahead and do what I needed to do. 

Oh and by this point, the car had "righted" itself inexplicably.....stupid car! 

Anyway, on down the church and the rest of the day....and the photos spell it out really.....no more words needed....glorious day and one that was very, very special and was an honour to be involved in

Rain rain, go away...

So, a couple of weeks back, I shot the intimate and beautiful wedding of Ross and Sam Cook down at the lovely Marks Hall in Coggeshall (http://www.markshall.org.uk). I was up to scratch after much consultation with Ross and Sam with Plan A being that they would be getting married outside, in the sunshine, under a rather beautiful and ornate gazebo.

Lets just say Plan A was thrown out of the window the second we all woke up!!!

Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Not rubbish drizzle, not "is it, will it" kind of rain. We are talking proper, old fashioned bucketing down. Plan B then!!!

I met up with Ross initially at the hotel on a local golf course. He was running a touch late and a bit flustered, but after a little time out, he was back on form. Getting ready shots were primarily him and me, which was a giggle! Then in filtered the wedding party, bit by bit, which meant we were ready to move on to the ceremony over at the hall.

And what a gorgeous little place! Small wooden roofed barn style venue, with loads of lights, plenty of airy light. What a delight to shoot in!

I then met up with Sam, with whom I had arranged plans with to get shots of her, her Dad and of the dress before she went in to say the "I do". Well, again, due to the incessant rain, that never happened! It was so wet and she was a little behind the time, so she went straight in to the registrar.....no chance for those lovely shots! I got what I could....

But, what I will say, she looked absolutely stunning. Her dress, provided by Curves and Couture in Kelvesden (http://www.facebook.com/curvesandcouture.bridal) (http://www.curvesandcouture.co.uk/). Simple, elegant, strapless and figure hugging, she was an absolute picture. Her Dad must have been very proud. The bridesmaids all looked fantastic too, with dresses provided by The Original Dressmaker (http://www.theoriginaldressmaker.com) in South Woodham Ferrers in a gorgeous teal colour which was clean and simple and suited the occasion perfectly. Everyone looked amazing.

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception went down a storm, but....so did the outside! It didn't deter the fun and frolics though! No siree!! Plan B worked a treat and didn't put a damper on the day at all. If anything, it made people more determined to have a good time! I hope the photos show this!

Thanks for letting me be part of your big day you guys! You rocked it! Was a heap of fun, was a pleasure to be there and hope I did you both justice!

The start
Playstation fan
Nearly done
The gang
More rain
The Entertainment
Beautiful venue
A quiet arrival
Who am I?
First look
Never let go
Those eyes
Nearly there
Where do I sign?
Official duties
This is it
Lets party
Now what?
Dad speech
Good times
He's mine!
Best man
First dance
Everybody dance
Good times
Drinks and fun
Our venue
Intimate moment

Hilarity ensued....

So, wedding season is upon us and for me its ramping up quite nicely. I had scheduled in a pre-wedding shoot with Clare Rice and Keith McAllister, a couple who I had met only once before on a consultation, but got on with really very well. Little did I know that we would get on so well this time round!

The location was the beautiful, peaceful Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge. Its a nice, open space, with a few interesting trees, a river and some rolling grassland thats simple and ideal for what we wanted.

I turned up at the Red Lion pub, our designated meeting place and sure enough, Keith was already outside, hand out in greeting, offering me a pint and a chat before we got on with the main event. It basically set the tone for the rest of the evening and the shoot. A drink down, loads of wedding discussion, general chit chat and a LOT of laughter, we headed on out.

It was a touch overcast, which was a shame as the rest of the day had already been a bit of a lovely early summer, sunny day. But no issue. You work with what you have. But it didn't matter as the laughter carried on and made the whole thing just work. Climbing on backs, climbing trees, playing soldiers in the long grass and just mucking about, I haven't laughed on a photo shoot so much in such a long time....and this is from someone who loves to have a laugh on a shoot!

Hopefully, the pictures below convey the fun. I can't WAIT for their big day. Its going to be an absolute cracker!!! Oh, and I owe them a drink.....I had no money.......

Just taking a stroll
I can see clearly now
A quiet moment
Its in the eyes
Heart shaped

Wintery walk in Wandlebury...again!

Ross and Sammy have been together for quite some time. Their wedding sounds like its going to be just perfect. Its my honour and pleasure to be shooting their big day and I can't wait! But as both aren't that used to being in front of the camera, it was decided they would take my offer of a pre-wedding shoot and get used to me, how I work, give them some pointers, have a chat about the day and generally have some fun and make some nice pictures! It was a chilly day at Wandlebury Park and the light was changeable, but it was early afternoon, the mood was light (if a little nervous!) and we had a great time! A lovely afternoon....a proper good laugh, got some lovely shots and it was useful all round for all of us. Now, on to the big day. Ross and Sammy were absolute superstars and bring on the big day in April! Gonna be a good one!!!


2016 starts with a bang!

So, last year was good. Really good. A big decision made, following through and making good! Loving the work and life I now have. But it needs to be pushed on. It needs to be built upon. I can't sit still now. This is now my life!

What could I do to improve my outlook? Well, research told me I was pretty much doing all the right things.....SEO not included as it still baffles me! But I was networking, I was citing, I was meeting, I was getting my images out there, I was touting, offering, selling....everything. Ticking things off one by one and trying to maintain those things. But I hadn't done any wedding fairs, they are really hard to get onto. And I hadn't done any workshops with other photographers to try and improve both my photographic vision and my marketing nouse.

Guess what I did next? Yep, got myself on a wedding fair at Anstey Hall, my first one! I also did a workshop to help with my vision, my style and to pick up some marketing tips too.

GREAT success for both! The wedding fair gave me loads of contacts and I have since booked at least 3 weddings from it, with the possible of more to come! 2017 is already getting booked too! I couldn't have asked for more! My USP? Keep it simple. Other established photographers there were all bells and whistles and this clearly worked as they were successful and doing well. But I couldn't compete with that and I am definitely not a salesman. I like my photography, but I am too self deprecating most of the time to push myself on to people and sell my skills and services. I guess I had better hurry up and learn! I was praised by many of the punters for being honest, simple, no sales push and have lovely photography that was a little bit different. Not only a great business boost, but a really big ego and confidence boost too. Well worth doing!

The same day, I drove to Sheffield to go and do a workshop with the incredible Jon Dennis of S6 Photography. The guy is incredible! Stunning photography and a thoroughly nice bloke to boot! He has been all over the world shooting weddings, in some incredible places and his work speaks for itself. To get his insight into how he works, his vision, his "art" and how he maintains his incredibly successful business was truly inspirational. We even managed a shoot with a real bride and groom in the Sheffield Moors on what had to be the windiest day of the year!!! But it was epic! Made me want to shoot even more. Was absolutely worth the travel up north to help me. I really hope it has!

My humble little stand at the Anstey Hall Wedding Fair earlier this year!

My humble little stand at the Anstey Hall Wedding Fair earlier this year!


Some epics shots from the workshop and hopefully I will be able to use this new found knowledge and inspiration on any weddings coming up. I cannot wait to get going!!!

Well, 2015 was interesting....

So, I am a scientist. Yes, weird statement to start with, I admit, especially now on a photography blog and website. But at my core, my background, my training and my entire working life have been in science, about science and in the scientific environment. And I have had some incredible experiences and memories from this. I have been part of two groundbreaking and future improving technologies for humanity (albeit small parts) and I have improved my lot with my own further education along the way. But things went a different direction this year, a little unexpectedly, if truth be told. And this has caused me some of the biggest dilemmas and head scratching and soul searching I have had to do in my career, ever really. And here I am, writing to you, no longer as a scientist, but as a photographer. Wow, how did THAT happen? 

Well, 19 years is a long time to do one thing. Hadn't enjoyed the last few....

I had a real think about it for quite some time. What could I do? What do I WANT to do?  Absolutely nothing grabbed me. That was scary. I just wanted to be happy. My family make me happy, but I can't make money from them, other than selling them. Not sure that would go down too well. Driving and sport make me happy, but alas, my years to do either of those has passed me by. Photography.....now.....THAT makes me very happy.......maybe that was it?Could I do it? Could I? I am not a business man? I like taking photos! But it would be a challenge and could and would be hard work along the way. But what the heck.....with the support of my wife and a lot of others for help, I COULD do this. Why not?

So, here I am! And thats the quick story of the year really. Something came out of nothing. Unexpectedly. But you know what? Looking back, its the best thing that has happened in years to me regarding work. I am happy. I am the master of my own destiny. If it fails, then its my fault. If I work hard, work at my art, then I can only go forward. I have a family after all....got to do something! I am giving it a go!

This all happened in June 2015.....and the results of the hard work since? I have had an absolute ball!  Met some fab people, done some fab things. Here are some of the highlights of the last 12 months below!

It was quiet in the months of February and March, but in April, I had my first client shoot of the year (above). I was commissioned to shoot some environmental headshots for a lady who was applying for jobs with the UN! I hope I fulfilled the brief!

In May, I met up with an old mate of mine of 20 years back and it was just like the day before when we met. Mark is a cracking bloke, always has been and it was fantastic to meet his future (and now) wife Weezy. Weezy is a delight...funny, smiley, properly organised (which is a good thing!) and the two of them were a match made perfect. It was a great pre-wedding shoot


Now, these two above.....you gotta love them! Steve and Jerry are mad as a box of badgers, the pair of them and an absolute breath of fresh air! Both picture perfect, madly in love, excitable and seasoned people in front of the camera. I felt more like I had made friends with these two. Needless to say, they booked me for the wedding!


So Mark and Weezy's wedding came round in June and it was a PERFECT day.  Even their dogs made an appearance! A perfect wedding for a perfect couple. Great great day!

In July, I had contact from a guy who I had known for quite some time as he had worked at the same place as myself for quite some time. They wanted me to capture them as a family, very close to their beautiful home in the country. The daughter was an absolutel delight, playing to the camera, running free....made my job very easy!

These guys were wonderful.  So laid back, all of them and hope I captured their little family as I saw them....happy

August was an interesting and busy month. Emma is tall (very tall), elegant, classically beautiful and very creative model I had shot with before. And also a genetics PhD student!!! So, we had something in common other than the photography! And we decided to hire a studio and just play with some ideas. And wow, we came up with some incredible stuff. So much so, Emma wants to try and get some of it into publication, so this is the only shot really I can show! But trust me, some of the work with Emma is some of the most interesting, fun and amazing stuff I feel I have shot, outside of wedding work....this was a ball and I hope we are going to be shooting again sometime soon on some more mad ideas!

Oh yeah, then these two loons popped up for their wedding again! :-) What a day!!! HEAPS of fun....this was a blast!

Stacey, the bride in this picture above, is one of my wifes oldest and bestest friends. What an honour! I was and am extremely flattered to be asked to shoot their wedding! Thanks Stacey and Mark....thank you! You both looked amazing....as did the kids! :-)

Well, not long after that, I also got to do the photos for their youngest child's naming ceremony! Well done Mom and Dad....you have done a mighty job with these two!

The comments from people about this wedding of James and Leanne in September have been overwhelming. And for this I am very grateful. Its now been featured in a two page spread in Professional Photo magazine!

This September wedding was genuinely a real honour to shoot. Matt is not only one of my best friends, he is also one of the people I have known the longest in my life.  It was an honour to be involved and thank you for allowing me to capture your day.

In October, this family contacted me to shoot again (we shot the year before) and capture their little family again, this time with a lot more vocal and mobile little girl! Such great fun, such doting and lovely parents. As always, was a lovely shoot with these three.

Off the back of a charity event I did at my daughters school, I was contacted by a local family for some simple, natural portraits to be shot as presents. Happily! And what came from the shoot, on a perfect, crisp, damp, dewy morning was some gorgeous and simple backlit shots as well as lovely portraits of the kids. These two were like professionals! Anyone would think they had done it before! It was a short and sharp shoot, but fun and lovely to meet such a fab and fun family!

November I managed to shoot in the fantastic light and colours with this utterly adorable family. This shot is one of my absolute favourites....

So, also in November, I was commissioned, on the back of the charity event at the local school, to photograph over 40 kids at a local nursery!!! Chris, the owner of Little Wombatz Nursery in Soham was brilliant to work with. Some really fantastic images that, as it turns out, are some of the most popular images the nursery has ever had done! The parents absolutely loved them! Job done!


Now this the fruits of a collaboration I have ongoing with Salon 262, a new hair and beauty salon on Mill Road in Cambridge. Letty, the owner, used to cut my hair at another salon and has branched out on her own. I am working along side her for mutual promotion, so good luck to her and good luck to me! Go check her place out! Its amazing!!!

December has been a touch quieter, as always and expected. But managed this shoot with Laura Draycon again, as well as a family shoot with an old work colleague and their kids below. I hope I am getting better.....

So there you go. Thats 2015......mad, crazy, full of intrigue, interest, terror, but ultimately happiness, satisfaction, hope and real sense of fun. And this is only the work aspect. Life in general since I have been doing this has been on the up and up. Happy in myself, spend more time with my own family, less stress.....I have heard it from others a million times, but yes, I now concede, it really is the best thing thats happened to my career!

2016 already looking good.......you coming along for the ride? Its gonna be fun!

Calling a child a Wombat isn't always a bad thing...

So, in my last, admittedly epic blog (apologies for that, bit too long. Strange how I can ramble for ages in writing and not tell that I had until I press publish....then its too late at night to edit....), I alluded to the fact that I had shot the Xmas photos for the local nursery, Little Wombatz in Soham. I couldn't show the photos then as the parents hadn't received their prints, but now I can reveal at least a few of the shots I took. What little stars this guys were!!! Thanks to Chris Barton who invited me to do their photos and have the chance to do something a little different to the usual "sit there and smile" posed images you get at school photo shoots. Chris is a legend, she did all the organisational stuff for me, so my part was relatively easy. I had a blast having fun with the kid and the shots we go were amazing! What do you guys think? Did I pull it off? I really hope so!

The rollercoaster is such fun.....

It takes an age sometimes for me to update this blog, but I now understand why so many others also take a while to do it. Dedication, thoughts and.....oh yes, the precious of all commodities, time!!! Something, in this modern world, we all wish we had more of! But you know what? Since making things full time, I don't think I have been so busy, doing something I absolutely love! So much has gone on since the last update I might actually forget some things here. but I will try not to. I don't want to just make a list!

Anyway, I digress.....the exciting thing is that I have so many cool opportunities coming up and I am working on making loads more that its hard keeping track of whats what! Good job Laura (my wife) is a bit more organised than me on that front! I will from now on refer to her as "the diary"!

"Whats going on" I hear you all cry in unison (well, one or two with withered shouts....)....well....I have done more weddings, family shoots, I have stuff coming up thats so exciting yet not entirely sure I can write about, I have collaborations that are amazing and potential work for a big organisation that makes my head blow.....way too cool! Where to begin.....

Ah yes, the wedding. I gave my services to an old old friend, so old that I consider him family more than friend (our respective parents were also long standing friends) for his wedding back in September. I haven't blogged about it yet as I wanted to get all the images finished and make sure all was good, but it was such a lovely thing to be part of. Matthew and his bride to be Sharon had what some might consider a "whirlwind" romance in terms of time, but its clear that these two are very much in love and made for each other. How could I not capture their big day? The wedding was also to be back in my old home town, so was like going back and catching up with a previous life. Loved it! The big day was presided over by Sharon's uncle, who is a pastor in South Africa and had flown over specially. The ceremony was to take place in the church her Dad helped build. The best man was mine and Matthew's cousin Jason (who we both see as a brother...)....this was to be very much a family affair! But things went without a hitch, the love poured out during the ceremony and the day went by in a flash. The church looked great, but wasn't great for doing photos in and around the place as it was in a built up area. So Matt and Sharon hired out a local Tudor house, the oldest house in the area and one of historical significance. What a beautiful place and grounds and a perfect place for photos to be taken. After the formal shots and families were done, we got a little while to chill out, explore the grounds and house and get some of those more quiet, intimate shots. Was worth it. Some stunning places to shoot. The evening went by in a blur! Back at a large hotel with a large function room, it was more the enough to accommodate the large congregation that had gathered over the day. Food was served, jollity prevailed. A great day had by all. I just hope I did it justice!


I have also had the pleasure of a repeat session with a now much more grown up little girl and her family. Claire and her husband contacted me last year and we took photos of them as a family at their lovely house in Cambridge. They contacted me back and said they would like some more now that shes much more grown up and can make her own way around!!! Should be fun, so shoot arranged and it was really lovely to see them all again and see how the little one had come along since I last saw her. What a difference almost a year makes! Confident, funny, happy, MOBILE!!! We had loads of fun, hiding in sheds, running around parks, climbing on Mommy and Daddy's backs....a blast and always a pleasure and fun going back.

I have also had other opportunities come my way that I really didn't expect. After doing a "photo booth" style shoot at the local school, my name was recommended to the owner of the venture, Chris, and she said she wanted some kids photos done for Xmas for parents. I went to chat and soon realised that it would be a little more tricky than expected as the age range was between 2 and 4 years old! No worries though, I had a battery of questions to ask, Chris and I got along really well and I showed her what I could do regarding giving her and the parents something a little different. Instead of the usual "sit there and pose" on a poor 80's style background, trying to get kids that age to do things they really didn't want to do, I said I would just get them in one by one, stand them against a white wall, make them laugh and be themselves, blast them with light and give them a much more contemporary look. Dates were set and it was a whole heap of fun meeting all those little ones! Some were absolute stars, performing in front of the camera as naturals, others took a little coaxing, some just not having it at all. But on the whole, so far, Chris and the parents are LOVING the images, but as they are still being viewed and purchased by parents, I can't really show any on here yet. I have asked for permission, so hopefully I will get some and post them as soon as I can! Hopefully again, this will be repeat business as it was a pleasure working with all the helpful staff and Chris and they have a fab bunch of kids there. Little Wombatz in Soham. If you're local, check them out. Lovely place!

I have had meetings with various people, the most exciting being with The Royal Society of Chemistry who have put my on their list of event photographers and this could yield some work a few times a year and as much as anything, form a new network of people who might want to use my services.

But the big one, the one that is hopefully going to be the most fruitful is a collaboration with a good friend and former hairdresser of mine Juliet Dalton. She left not too long back from the place I have been having my haircut for for the past 20 years. She hasn't been there that long as she is a much younger whipper snapper than I am! But she is a very talented, very creative and ambitious woman and has decided to go her own way and open up her own Salon on Mill Road in Cambridge.  She has modeled for me in the past and before she left (check out my portfolio. Shes in it, black background, wavy brown hair.....you will see...), we were going to try and set up another shoot, but her business and my business plans took over and we have both been too busy to get it sorted. BUT....we did get talking and cut a long story shorts, we realised we could help each other out here....she needed publicity shots, photography for social media, hair styling etc yet I needed another possible outlet for business. BINGO! I scratch her back, she scratches mine, so to speak. So, Juliet (Letty as she is known to everyone) has put together a "team" package for her new Salon (Salon 262, check out the Facebook page) and in return for my photography services, I am her exclusive recommendation for photography and consultation when she works with brides for the preparation for their big day! Its a win-win situation for both of us really and I cannot wait to get started!!!

Lastly, a couple more family shoots. Was contacted by Nicola through my daughters school for a quick, relaxed family shoot out in a country park, just for family. No problem. Nicola got her family up nice and early for the shoot in the glorious morning light and very wet ground, but the photos were lovely. She liked them so much she bought the lot!!!

The last family shoot I lucked out completely with the location and light all at the same time! Wandlebury Park was the request by Holly for me to shoot bother her 18 month boy and her 5 year old daughter. And what delights they were. Fun, adventurous and the place was magical when we went. I had such good fun running around after these two and I couldn't take a bad picture. Beautiful....

There is just so much more to come. I am loving things at the moment, life is good. Isn't it wonderful when you find something you love and you have a reason to continue doing it as long as life will allow? I highly recommend it!!!

Watch this space for more to come....so exciting!!!

A new dawn....

So, this is a new chapter. The decision has been made to make my photography business just that.....a business. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is now my full time concern. Wish me luck!

But it comes with a lot of things hanging on to this whole venture, some exciting, some daunting. The exciting stuff is that I am now my own boss (well, my wife might say otherwise!) and I don't have to answer to anyone else but myself (again, my wife might s.......etc etc). My destiny, as they say, is in my own hands. But that's the crux of it really. If this is to be an ongoing concern, it HAS to be successful. I have all the same responsibilities I had when I had a regular 9 to 5 job, so nothing is going to change there. I still have a family to help provide for, look after and all that comes with that. And that's scary. But its a good scary, don't get me wrong. It was a heck of a leap of faith after my redundancy and a lot of soul searching to let go of the regular income (for now) and be prepared to jump into the world of self employment wholesale.

But so far, its the best thing I have done. I am loving what I am doing right now. Networking, building a brand, meeting people for interesting and exciting projects, working on the regular income work that will be fun and repeatable....there is so much going on! Its weird, but I feel more busy now than when I had a regular job! And its great! And one massive, massive bonus of me doing this? I get to spend more time at home and have the luxury that many parents don't get and that is to stay at home and spend a lot more time with my children. And that is something I am very, very grateful for and realise is a very special thing. All things pointing positive right now. Its the happiest I have been in a long time and long may this continue.

But I guess I need your support. Get the word out there, let people know. Spread the word and hopefully the work will come. I am working hard my end, all would be good if you could see it in your kindness to just drop my name here and there for anyone who you think, or mentions, they need a photographer. I am willing to consider all work currently, bearing in mind I specialise in weddings and portraits mainly. I don't want to be flying out to oil rigs to do deep sea surveillance photography thanks!

Along with this new start, you will see that the website has had an overhaul. I liked the old layout, but as was pointed out by a few people (and admittedly, it was true), it was a little hard to navigate around, was a touch clunky and didn't really sell itself for a proper portfolio site to show off my work to its very best. So, the layout has changed and I hope its a bit more user friendly. Please, let me know what you think. But the big change is the branding. Yep, got whole new brand professionally done and so far, the feedback has been almost 100% positive! So thank you all who have commented! I have Nick Lindwall of Ottimo Digital and his designer Hannah Minney, who have spent a fair bit of time fielding off my questions regarding this new look. But couldn't have done this without either of their expertise. Hannah for the patience and the vision to create a bespoke logo and brand for me and for Nick who passed me on to her and also who produced my amazing banners that some of you may have already seen. They look blummin awesome! So happy and can't thank those two enough. Its all very exciting!

So, here's to the future! Lets see where this goes, but I am going to be putting 100% into this wholesale, so come along on the journey with me, it should be a heck of a ride!