How many images do we get?

Good question! It can vary, depending on the package, the day, whats going on etc etc. Not every wedding will get exactly the same. What I CAN guarantee is that if I am there all day if you booked me for my top package, then you will get a minimum of 400 images.

When do we get the images?

I usually say, to cover most eventualities, up to 8 weeks after the wedding. But I can honestly say almost all weddings have been delivered well before that. If you can't wait, with your permission, I will probably put a few up on social media so you can have a sneak peek then!

Can we do and album?

Yes, but its not something I regularly do. My albums aren't the really high expensive Italian leather albums that many photographers still offer at really high costs. I want to be true to you. The company I use are good, really good and will make an album that I really like. Its my style. Nothing fancy, nothing too overly done, but most importantly, can be done to any budget. I am honest with you, I get little out of it profit-wise, but if you require help or would like to work out an album with me, I can do you a quote. But generally, I work to digitial only via USB, download etc. If you are interested in seeing the company I use and what they can offer, please follow this link: Saal Digital

Insurance. You're Insured, right?

You bet ya! Both for professional and public indemnity, I am covered!

Someone told me you keep the copyright?

Yes, this is true. All photographers by law keep copyright of all the images they take, so will be able to use them as and when they wish. So all images I take on your day, copyright remains with me. But, I give all couples licencing permissions, so when handed over to you, you can use and print them as and how you wish, no restrictions. Feel free! Go knock yourselves out! I know how much you want to show and share your big day!!!

Where do you go?

Wherever you want me to! I am based in Soham, near Ely, Cambridgshire, which is reasonably central and good for access and travel. I can factor in travel to my costs, have already done a fair few weddings around the country and would happily travel abroad.

What Kit do you use?

Ha! I love this question. To anyone on the other end of the camera, really, its irrelevant. Its what you do with it that counts. No point having the best hammer in the world if you can't knock in a nail is there? But, if you must know, I use Canon gear, fully professional level equipment, with backups, storage, lighting and batteries, covering me for all eventualities!

What do you do with the images?

Well, you see my style on my site, so all images are edited to have my style. I'll let you into a little secret.........every professional photographers images look reasonably dull and boring straight out of the camera! So, we have to do what has been done since the dawn of photography...we edit. We make them look like OUR pictures. I will do the same. You will get the images with my style and looking the best they can

So what do we do now?

Well, if you're interested, get in touch. We can arrange a to meet up, I can travel to you, we can meet somewhere convenient...up to you. A cuppa is good, a beer doesn't go a miss...your choice. We can have a chat, we can get to know each other, we can talk about your big day. Then if you think I am the guy for you, you pay a £100 deposit to secure the date and the balance is due 8 weeks prior to the wedding date. And thats it! I will send you a contract and some blurb, you have a read, sign and send back and we are good to go! Its that easy!