Modern Wedding Photography is not like it used to be. "Stand there, smile. Stop, don't move. Can everybody just look this way.....". Things have moved on since then. Couples have become much more discerning, probably due to the age range of people getting married now being much more photographically savvy because of social media and all that encompasses. So, John Woodward Photography has had to move with the times and move with the trends. I like to think that my style reflects that. I have shot weddings "old school" in the past, yes, but I certainly never felt comfortable doing it. For me, the direction and style of modern wedding photography has gone in, even in the last 5 years or so, suits me much more. I for one am glad, as this was how I always wanted clients to see my I see it. My style gives you much more of a sense of the day, the sights, the emotions, rather than being stuttered, posed, unnatural.

"Documentary" photographer is more how I would describe the style of my work. I like to be invisible by being completely visible on the day. In the crowd, almost as another guest, anticipating those moments experience gives you to see coming....the family group having an intimate moment, a group of friends enjoying an in-joke, the bride and groom having just a couple of minutes to themselves. I can see them coming. And then capturing them in the right light, the timing, being in the right place....making sure it all comes together to make a truly memorable photograph, a moment captured that most wouldn't see. Capturing the memories you will take away from it all.


What will be the memories you have from your big day in 10, 20, 30 years time? I would imagine less so in your head, but the pictures you have. They should evoke those senses back to relive, rather than be your only memory. A story rather than a "picture-bite".

I try to do this by using skills and experience to help frame a shot, know the light, ensure I anticipate the moment coming. Composition doesn't always have to be technically spot on. Move away from the traditional and it gives you something different. As has been said many times, "know the rules so you can break them".


Of course its hard choosing your photographer for your big day. There are so many styles and approaches out there that it can be dazzling and ultimately confusing. But I guess I like to sum up my style of work for wedding photography like this:

The day is yours. Not mine. And it never should be. I like to get to know my clients, so there is an understanding, a respect for what each of us want and need from the day. If I can help in any aspect of your day, I will. I am flexible. I listen. I can suggest, point, give advice from experience to those who are struggling. And on the day I will be there, in and about with your guests, not in their face, but not standing back either. Just like any other guest. I want to capture those moments that best serve the story of the day. I will be friendly to everyone. I will have a laugh. I will probably cry at all the really lovely moments too! And I won't direct you or the guests. I won't tell people what to do. If a shot requires something, I can organise. I don't set up details. I shoot them as they are....rings, dresses, shoes. They are nice to get, but lets not dwell. And I will, when the moment is right, get those show stopping images you will want to revisit time and time again, but only when its possible and is not intruding on the happy couple. We all want the big shot, we have to make sure we get it. But ultimately, the day is yours. 100%. And I will do all I can to capture that to the best of my ability (as long as we can get just that one wall hanger

Perfection is overrated sometimes. Some of the best shots come out of the complete opposite. Even what seems as a disaster at the time (rain, muddy dress, something not present or forgotten, someone being in the wrong place....), these will pale into insignificance once they have passed and the moment will be captured to be a story to be told in years to come. The moment is everything.

And the final thing......that big one we all hope to get, but sometimes is tricky. The showstopper. I don't like to take couples away from their big day. Portraits and intimate moments in grand settings are important in the story. But you also want to enjoy your friends, the party, the day. So I work on getting 3-4 show stopper images, if possible, of the day and won't take you away from guests for any more than 30 mins as and when I can see and opportunity. That might be 3 x 10min sessions, or 2 x15min sessions or just one 30 min session of just the three of us, finding that special photo. Then you are straight back to your day. We will get the shot.

Your wedding is unique. I aim to capture that uniqueness and allow you to relive it time and time again. Its my privilege to be part of your day. And my repayment back is to do the best job I can for you. Having a strong relationship with your Wedding Photographer is vital. Being a wedding photographer based in Cambridgeshire, it gives me easy access and travel all over Cambridgeshire and the uk, as well as some highly prestigious national venues, such as Whitworth Hall in Manchester. so most situations that can happen have happened and I have dealt with them all! But I adore what I do and if this all rings true for you and you think that this is how you want your photographer to work for you, then get in touch. Happy to discuss your big day