Ooh its been all go....

So, its been a little while since I have updated this blog....for a good reason.....

As a lot of you may or may not know, the second edition to our miniature part of the family arrived, fit and well, on 24th March. Being a boy, we called him George. And we couldn't be happier. A spitting image of his Dad (that'll be me then) and getting bigger rapidly! We are over the moon, his big sister is warming to him slowly, but she is getting there. But hes a good lad, sleeps reasonably well, is a happy smiley chappy (now) and the two of them are the apples of our eyes.......

George and Caitlin74.jpg


Wot? WOT?!!!

Wot? WOT?!!!

PHOTO BOMB!!!!!!!!

PHOTO BOMB!!!!!!!!

Hes definitely one of the gang now!

But, because of his arrival and all the things that this entails, its meant I have been on a bit of a self imposed "hiatus" when it comes to photography. But, in the middle of all this maelstrom, I HAVE managed to shoot a wedding!  Yep, I know, amazing....

Anyway, what made it a bit of a no-brainer to do was that I was asked relatively short notice and was told that the wedding would have no more than 10 people and that it would be a quiet, small affair with a maximum time input from me of about 3 hours. Which, lets face it, with everything that was going on, was absolutely spot on! I could do a job, get paid, get some nice shots and get some lovely image for their wedding as well as keep my eye in and not go off the boil.....so, I said yes.

The wedding of Tim and Steph took place in Cambridge in Mid April. I hoped for an overcast day as the previous week had been blazing sunshine....not good for a middle of the day wedding with no possible shelter.....

Tim and Steph turned up with the ENTIRE wedding party in a huge white, American stretch limo and as soon as they were out of the car, it set the tone for the rest of the wedding....relaxed, chilled, laid back, play it by ear and have fun.....suited me! Steph looked amazing, Tim looked tall! Their 9 month old also looked a picture in an all-in-one tuxedo style grow....very cool!

We stared with a few family shots outside, which was tricky as the car was parked right in the middle of the main access way to the registry office and Steph is German, so her family didn't speak a lot of English. Some ingenious interpretation was needed to get people to pose! Then a few with the happy couple and then a wander inside to wait for the ceremony to begin.

Inside, we had to wait our turn.....Tim and Steph did their thing beforehand with the registrar, then it was just waiting for the time. I managed to get a few shots indoors of people waiting, but not a lot was happening. At least the little one was entertaining!

Then the moment arrived. Tim and Steph walked in together, which was a nice change and it was a very happy, relaxed fun ceremony, not taken too seriously at all and we got some nice shots of the happenings. Once it was over, was a bit of time before they had to whizz off to their family BBQ to get some shots of just the two of them in and around the surrounding area. I had already checked out the view from the top of the mount on Castle Hill outside the office and had to get some shots up there....never seen the view before and was really rather lovely. So, off we went, up the to the top, me carrying half a ton of gear and Steph with a train to pull (on her dress, not a Steam type thing...).

We got some big expanse shots, we got some close in, we got some single shots, together.....and I tried Hi Speed Sync for the first time with my new flashgun to try and get a nice moody sky.....all I can say is mission accomplished! Was well happy how the images came out!

Then, in the bag, back down the hill and all was done! The little one needed feeding and after that he feel asleep, so was time to get back to the house, with the family and let them get on with the rest of their day. My job was done! But was a lovely time and was great being part of such a small and intimate wedding, a lot of fun and I hope I managed to capture their day.....see what you think....


So, there you go! Simple, lovely, fun. I like that! Thanks LOADS to Tim and Steph for letting me be part of their lovely day. For the short time I was there, it was a blast and was lovely to have such easy going, obliging subjects. Was a lot of fun! Thanks and hope I did you proud!

But this was just the start.....once things have settled with our new life with George, then I shall be back shooting with vengeance! Watch this space for promotions, new ideas, new shoots and hopefully a bit more blogging! I am aiming to expand more this year to really build on what I have. So if you like what you see, please, feel free to spread the word. I would be most grateful. And if you have anything coming up, or would like to use me for weddings, portraits, kids stuff, model portfolios....then, get in touch! Will be more than happy to talk!