A new dawn....

So, this is a new chapter. The decision has been made to make my photography business just that.....a business. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is now my full time concern. Wish me luck!

But it comes with a lot of things hanging on to this whole venture, some exciting, some daunting. The exciting stuff is that I am now my own boss (well, my wife might say otherwise!) and I don't have to answer to anyone else but myself (again, my wife might s.......etc etc). My destiny, as they say, is in my own hands. But that's the crux of it really. If this is to be an ongoing concern, it HAS to be successful. I have all the same responsibilities I had when I had a regular 9 to 5 job, so nothing is going to change there. I still have a family to help provide for, look after and all that comes with that. And that's scary. But its a good scary, don't get me wrong. It was a heck of a leap of faith after my redundancy and a lot of soul searching to let go of the regular income (for now) and be prepared to jump into the world of self employment wholesale.

But so far, its the best thing I have done. I am loving what I am doing right now. Networking, building a brand, meeting people for interesting and exciting projects, working on the regular income work that will be fun and repeatable....there is so much going on! Its weird, but I feel more busy now than when I had a regular job! And its great! And one massive, massive bonus of me doing this? I get to spend more time at home and have the luxury that many parents don't get and that is to stay at home and spend a lot more time with my children. And that is something I am very, very grateful for and realise is a very special thing. All things pointing positive right now. Its the happiest I have been in a long time and long may this continue.

But I guess I need your support. Get the word out there, let people know. Spread the word and hopefully the work will come. I am working hard my end, all would be good if you could see it in your kindness to just drop my name here and there for anyone who you think, or mentions, they need a photographer. I am willing to consider all work currently, bearing in mind I specialise in weddings and portraits mainly. I don't want to be flying out to oil rigs to do deep sea surveillance photography thanks!

Along with this new start, you will see that the website has had an overhaul. I liked the old layout, but as was pointed out by a few people (and admittedly, it was true), it was a little hard to navigate around, was a touch clunky and didn't really sell itself for a proper portfolio site to show off my work to its very best. So, the layout has changed and I hope its a bit more user friendly. Please, let me know what you think. But the big change is the branding. Yep, got whole new brand professionally done and so far, the feedback has been almost 100% positive! So thank you all who have commented! I have Nick Lindwall of Ottimo Digital and his designer Hannah Minney, who have spent a fair bit of time fielding off my questions regarding this new look. But couldn't have done this without either of their expertise. Hannah for the patience and the vision to create a bespoke logo and brand for me and for Nick who passed me on to her and also who produced my amazing banners that some of you may have already seen. They look blummin awesome! So happy and can't thank those two enough. Its all very exciting!

So, here's to the future! Lets see where this goes, but I am going to be putting 100% into this wholesale, so come along on the journey with me, it should be a heck of a ride!