The rollercoaster is such fun.....

It takes an age sometimes for me to update this blog, but I now understand why so many others also take a while to do it. Dedication, thoughts and.....oh yes, the precious of all commodities, time!!! Something, in this modern world, we all wish we had more of! But you know what? Since making things full time, I don't think I have been so busy, doing something I absolutely love! So much has gone on since the last update I might actually forget some things here. but I will try not to. I don't want to just make a list!

Anyway, I digress.....the exciting thing is that I have so many cool opportunities coming up and I am working on making loads more that its hard keeping track of whats what! Good job Laura (my wife) is a bit more organised than me on that front! I will from now on refer to her as "the diary"!

"Whats going on" I hear you all cry in unison (well, one or two with withered shouts....)....well....I have done more weddings, family shoots, I have stuff coming up thats so exciting yet not entirely sure I can write about, I have collaborations that are amazing and potential work for a big organisation that makes my head blow.....way too cool! Where to begin.....

Ah yes, the wedding. I gave my services to an old old friend, so old that I consider him family more than friend (our respective parents were also long standing friends) for his wedding back in September. I haven't blogged about it yet as I wanted to get all the images finished and make sure all was good, but it was such a lovely thing to be part of. Matthew and his bride to be Sharon had what some might consider a "whirlwind" romance in terms of time, but its clear that these two are very much in love and made for each other. How could I not capture their big day? The wedding was also to be back in my old home town, so was like going back and catching up with a previous life. Loved it! The big day was presided over by Sharon's uncle, who is a pastor in South Africa and had flown over specially. The ceremony was to take place in the church her Dad helped build. The best man was mine and Matthew's cousin Jason (who we both see as a brother...)....this was to be very much a family affair! But things went without a hitch, the love poured out during the ceremony and the day went by in a flash. The church looked great, but wasn't great for doing photos in and around the place as it was in a built up area. So Matt and Sharon hired out a local Tudor house, the oldest house in the area and one of historical significance. What a beautiful place and grounds and a perfect place for photos to be taken. After the formal shots and families were done, we got a little while to chill out, explore the grounds and house and get some of those more quiet, intimate shots. Was worth it. Some stunning places to shoot. The evening went by in a blur! Back at a large hotel with a large function room, it was more the enough to accommodate the large congregation that had gathered over the day. Food was served, jollity prevailed. A great day had by all. I just hope I did it justice!


I have also had the pleasure of a repeat session with a now much more grown up little girl and her family. Claire and her husband contacted me last year and we took photos of them as a family at their lovely house in Cambridge. They contacted me back and said they would like some more now that shes much more grown up and can make her own way around!!! Should be fun, so shoot arranged and it was really lovely to see them all again and see how the little one had come along since I last saw her. What a difference almost a year makes! Confident, funny, happy, MOBILE!!! We had loads of fun, hiding in sheds, running around parks, climbing on Mommy and Daddy's backs....a blast and always a pleasure and fun going back.

I have also had other opportunities come my way that I really didn't expect. After doing a "photo booth" style shoot at the local school, my name was recommended to the owner of the venture, Chris, and she said she wanted some kids photos done for Xmas for parents. I went to chat and soon realised that it would be a little more tricky than expected as the age range was between 2 and 4 years old! No worries though, I had a battery of questions to ask, Chris and I got along really well and I showed her what I could do regarding giving her and the parents something a little different. Instead of the usual "sit there and pose" on a poor 80's style background, trying to get kids that age to do things they really didn't want to do, I said I would just get them in one by one, stand them against a white wall, make them laugh and be themselves, blast them with light and give them a much more contemporary look. Dates were set and it was a whole heap of fun meeting all those little ones! Some were absolute stars, performing in front of the camera as naturals, others took a little coaxing, some just not having it at all. But on the whole, so far, Chris and the parents are LOVING the images, but as they are still being viewed and purchased by parents, I can't really show any on here yet. I have asked for permission, so hopefully I will get some and post them as soon as I can! Hopefully again, this will be repeat business as it was a pleasure working with all the helpful staff and Chris and they have a fab bunch of kids there. Little Wombatz in Soham. If you're local, check them out. Lovely place!

I have had meetings with various people, the most exciting being with The Royal Society of Chemistry who have put my on their list of event photographers and this could yield some work a few times a year and as much as anything, form a new network of people who might want to use my services.

But the big one, the one that is hopefully going to be the most fruitful is a collaboration with a good friend and former hairdresser of mine Juliet Dalton. She left not too long back from the place I have been having my haircut for for the past 20 years. She hasn't been there that long as she is a much younger whipper snapper than I am! But she is a very talented, very creative and ambitious woman and has decided to go her own way and open up her own Salon on Mill Road in Cambridge.  She has modeled for me in the past and before she left (check out my portfolio. Shes in it, black background, wavy brown will see...), we were going to try and set up another shoot, but her business and my business plans took over and we have both been too busy to get it sorted. BUT....we did get talking and cut a long story shorts, we realised we could help each other out here....she needed publicity shots, photography for social media, hair styling etc yet I needed another possible outlet for business. BINGO! I scratch her back, she scratches mine, so to speak. So, Juliet (Letty as she is known to everyone) has put together a "team" package for her new Salon (Salon 262, check out the Facebook page) and in return for my photography services, I am her exclusive recommendation for photography and consultation when she works with brides for the preparation for their big day! Its a win-win situation for both of us really and I cannot wait to get started!!!

Lastly, a couple more family shoots. Was contacted by Nicola through my daughters school for a quick, relaxed family shoot out in a country park, just for family. No problem. Nicola got her family up nice and early for the shoot in the glorious morning light and very wet ground, but the photos were lovely. She liked them so much she bought the lot!!!

The last family shoot I lucked out completely with the location and light all at the same time! Wandlebury Park was the request by Holly for me to shoot bother her 18 month boy and her 5 year old daughter. And what delights they were. Fun, adventurous and the place was magical when we went. I had such good fun running around after these two and I couldn't take a bad picture. Beautiful....

There is just so much more to come. I am loving things at the moment, life is good. Isn't it wonderful when you find something you love and you have a reason to continue doing it as long as life will allow? I highly recommend it!!!

Watch this space for more to exciting!!!