A joining across the Atlantic

Early September saw me shooting a small, intimate and ultimately bonkers and rowdy wedding in Cambridge. Christina and James weren't necessarily that interested in getting photos done, but felt that there was a need as there was a large number of Christina's friends and family coming over from the US especially for the day. Christina is a reserved character, not one for being in the spotlight, but hey....its a wedding. Kinda inevitable, right? James was super quiet, a reserved man, probably of the same mindset as his wife to be. They just wanted to be together. The day had to be special. That was all they were asking for.

But, I was hired to do the job as she saw my work and liked it through Instagram. Who KNEW it was a good marketing tool, right? I certainly didn't, but publicity is publicity and if it works, happy days!

The day came and I was a little taken aback as I wasn't used the way things were done. Its done "American" style.....wedding breakfast, speeches etc were all done the day before as part of the rehearsal for the big day. Who knew? I didn't! Anyway, I got to work on what started as a nice sunny day shooting the bridal party getting ready in a lovely annex of the cute and beautiful St Andrews Church in Oakington. Great light, really chilled and relaxed atmosphere. No make up artists, no hair stylists.....all was done by the guests themselves. It was quite refreshing and relaxing. When all was done, Christina looked amazing! As did the bridesmaids in matching purple colour dresses.....but notice the dresses themselves weren't the same. Nice touch that. Like it!

The church ceremony went without a hitch, although I was very much restricted in what I could shoot by the vicar.....nothing during the ceremony. A real shame as thats some of the best moments.....ah well, can't win them all.

Then on to the White Horse Pub in Oakington. Yep, the pub! How awfully British! I suspect Christina was getting into the spirit of things as she also clearly ordered the British weather too.....the rain started. But, a fantastic buffet was put on, music was played loud and the Americans at least definitely didn't let the weather get them down! Dancing, drinking, eating....it was all done outside, even while it rained! Great atmosphere and was a pleasure to be a part of. Here's wishing Christina and James all the happiness for the future! I was honoured to shoot such a "different" wedding!