McDonalds was the key....

Charlotte and Rob....ahhh Charlotte and Rob. So far, don't think I have met a more chilled, relaxed, sorted couple. Nothing was an issue, everything was all taken in its stride. How to make my job really easy eh? Well, relatively anyway!

I met them a while ago, well in advance of the wedding, at their house as they had heard of me through someone who knew me through my wife, who works at the same place as Charlotte used to. Complicated, yeah, I know. Anyway, pretty much booked me on the spot, which was lovely and the date was set.

What a beautiful day.....which started out with me not being able to find the house Charlotte was getting ready at! No problem though, I blame the Sat Nav. I was greeted by Charlotte's step-dad, who was really accommodating and friendly and this would come back to be in a big way later in the day.

I was lead upstairs and greeted by Charlotte and her Mum already well into getting their hair done in a beautiful, big, airy, light room, with the bridesmaids dotted around, all in their dressing gowns, working hard on their phones, waiting in turn to be seen to. I was welcomed with such warmth, I instantly felt at ease.

Doing the make up and hair was the team of Kerry of

And Eileen of Curl Up and Dye by Eileen

These guys rocked! I didn't actually realise that it was the same Eileen who now worked at Salon 262 ( in Cambridge I collaborate with,  but there you go! Both Eileen and Kerry were very chilled, calm and had the whole lot under control, even with so many people to do. And the job they did, on the spot, was amazing. When all done, everyone looked a million dollars! It was such hard work, but such good fun, even McDonalds was ordered to be fetched so we could all have a bit to eat, me included, before the long wait for the evening dinner!!! Totally hit the spot, I have to admit. And this is from someone who usually runs a mile from McDonalds! But was much needed!

Finally, Charlotte was done. No nerves, no hassles, chilled, relaxed and just going with the flow, she looked just so fantastic. Her manner made her seem even more to be having just the time of her life.

I left them to it to get to the church to get a few of Rob and Charlotte's arrival. When I got there Rob said he was super nervous, but if he was, he didn't show it. He was chatting, chilling and looking really super dapper in his tweed suit and brogues.....very country boy smart! Charlotte arrived, the ceremony was beautiful, the weather outside was great and the whole thing went like clockwork. Then on to the party!

Longstowe Hall ( is a place I hadn't been to before, but its a privately owned, still lived in, family home with some magnificent gardens, grounds and settings. The reception is held in their large marquee, but was beautifully dressed. But, to be fair, the weather kept most people outside and what a way to spend the rest of the day! The atmosphere was fantastic. Champagne was being swigged, spirits were high, dinner and speeches were all very good....doesn't get a lot better really. And what a place to take advantage of for photography! I hope I didn't disappoint!

But this is where Step-Dad comes back in. Guess who left his camera bag back at the church? Yeah........NEVER have I ever forgotten anything, ever. I am a stickler for double checking everything, but I was so caught up in the moment and worried about getting to the venue for their arrival in time, I totally forgot to pick it up! Step-Dad to the rescue! Bless him, before he had a drink in him found the vicars number, made sure the church was still open, drove the 20 mins back to get it, bring it back and drop it off for me too! The man is a legend and I owe him big time. Never shall I let THAT happen again!

All in all, the whole day was a huge success. I wish Charlotte and Rob all the success and happiness going forward. I know they will make it work as they seemed so well matched and happy. Rob looked like he had hit jackpot the whole day and so he should have. Charlotte looked stunning and is a fantastic and lovely person to boot. Long may it continue! Cheers guys for making my day a truly great one and a relatively easy one.