2016 starts with a bang!

So, last year was good. Really good. A big decision made, following through and making good! Loving the work and life I now have. But it needs to be pushed on. It needs to be built upon. I can't sit still now. This is now my life!

What could I do to improve my outlook? Well, research told me I was pretty much doing all the right things.....SEO not included as it still baffles me! But I was networking, I was citing, I was meeting, I was getting my images out there, I was touting, offering, selling....everything. Ticking things off one by one and trying to maintain those things. But I hadn't done any wedding fairs, they are really hard to get onto. And I hadn't done any workshops with other photographers to try and improve both my photographic vision and my marketing nouse.

Guess what I did next? Yep, got myself on a wedding fair at Anstey Hall, my first one! I also did a workshop to help with my vision, my style and to pick up some marketing tips too.

GREAT success for both! The wedding fair gave me loads of contacts and I have since booked at least 3 weddings from it, with the possible of more to come! 2017 is already getting booked too! I couldn't have asked for more! My USP? Keep it simple. Other established photographers there were all bells and whistles and this clearly worked as they were successful and doing well. But I couldn't compete with that and I am definitely not a salesman. I like my photography, but I am too self deprecating most of the time to push myself on to people and sell my skills and services. I guess I had better hurry up and learn! I was praised by many of the punters for being honest, simple, no sales push and have lovely photography that was a little bit different. Not only a great business boost, but a really big ego and confidence boost too. Well worth doing!

The same day, I drove to Sheffield to go and do a workshop with the incredible Jon Dennis of S6 Photography. The guy is incredible! Stunning photography and a thoroughly nice bloke to boot! He has been all over the world shooting weddings, in some incredible places and his work speaks for itself. To get his insight into how he works, his vision, his "art" and how he maintains his incredibly successful business was truly inspirational. We even managed a shoot with a real bride and groom in the Sheffield Moors on what had to be the windiest day of the year!!! But it was epic! Made me want to shoot even more. Was absolutely worth the travel up north to help me. I really hope it has!

My humble little stand at the Anstey Hall Wedding Fair earlier this year!

My humble little stand at the Anstey Hall Wedding Fair earlier this year!


Some epics shots from the workshop and hopefully I will be able to use this new found knowledge and inspiration on any weddings coming up. I cannot wait to get going!!!