Hilarity ensued....

So, wedding season is upon us and for me its ramping up quite nicely. I had scheduled in a pre-wedding shoot with Clare Rice and Keith McAllister, a couple who I had met only once before on a consultation, but got on with really very well. Little did I know that we would get on so well this time round!

The location was the beautiful, peaceful Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge. Its a nice, open space, with a few interesting trees, a river and some rolling grassland thats simple and ideal for what we wanted.

I turned up at the Red Lion pub, our designated meeting place and sure enough, Keith was already outside, hand out in greeting, offering me a pint and a chat before we got on with the main event. It basically set the tone for the rest of the evening and the shoot. A drink down, loads of wedding discussion, general chit chat and a LOT of laughter, we headed on out.

It was a touch overcast, which was a shame as the rest of the day had already been a bit of a lovely early summer, sunny day. But no issue. You work with what you have. But it didn't matter as the laughter carried on and made the whole thing just work. Climbing on backs, climbing trees, playing soldiers in the long grass and just mucking about, I haven't laughed on a photo shoot so much in such a long time....and this is from someone who loves to have a laugh on a shoot!

Hopefully, the pictures below convey the fun. I can't WAIT for their big day. Its going to be an absolute cracker!!! Oh, and I owe them a drink.....I had no money.......

Just taking a stroll
I can see clearly now
A quiet moment
Its in the eyes
Heart shaped