So, it was a bit of a rush job really. One of my best friends called and asked me if I was available and if I was, could I shoot his brother Andy and his fiance Emma's wedding. It was a bit of a distance away, but nothing too bad. And I was free and I can never turn down a good wedding to shoot! 

But this one was to be a bit special...

Not the venue. That was lovely. But it was a simple church, nothing I haven't shot before. Not the style of the wedding and the place for the reception either. Again, a really beautiful place and a place I hadn't been before and was just perfect for the bride and groom A lovely mix of modern and traditional set in some beautiful grounds and a grand house. No, this was special due to the circumstances this wedding organised.

I won't go into details, but the family as a whole are going through some troubling times at the moment. Life changing times. I have known them all since I was at University over 20 years ago now, I lived with my best mate for two of my four years there....we know each other well. And the circumstances around the wedding made me want to do this even more. It was going to be a special day, one that needed to be captured. I was more than happy to do it. 

Arrangements were made, plans were put in place, we were on! 

The day came and I was meeting the bride and her family for the first time, which was a little intimidating, but I needed not have worried. They couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly and gave me pretty much free reign to wonder around and shoot as and whenever. 

Then it was time to leave and head down to my mates parents some half an hour away, where the grooms party was getting ready to do some shots there. Time and schedule were tight, so would be typical that for some reason my car decided to thrown some kind of wobbler and not actually open or lock so I couldn't get in or out of the car! Eventually I got in using the key but the rest of the car remained locked....which didn't bode well as the rest of my gear was in there. So, I headed down to my friends house and just got on with the job. Its a place I have been many times before and was like going back almost to meet my own family. Lovely place, lovely people. I felt at home to go ahead and do what I needed to do. 

Oh and by this point, the car had "righted" itself inexplicably.....stupid car! 

Anyway, on down the church and the rest of the day....and the photos spell it out more words needed....glorious day and one that was very, very special and was an honour to be involved in