More hair, a downpour only your imagination can muster and loads of families!

July and August were a bit quiet on the wedding front, weirdly. But had loads more going on, so wasn't so much of a miss. Not sure why my wedding year has been a bit "dumbell" shaped. Most of my weddings have been out of season. But have used that time nicely, spending time with the kids, doing other projects and shooting family portraits for a change.

In June, I did another reasonably impromptu shoot with Emma, a long time collaborator who I have become good friends with. We have a lot in common in that shes a scientist, has similar music taste and is very pretty. Ok, the last bit is not so common between us, but you get the idea. She was needing a break from writing her PhD thesis and fancied doing something that was not these writing to take her mind off it and chill. So, we decided to do a sunset shoot on Gog Magog hill in Cambridge. The weather wasn't great, but we wanted to use the surroundings and try a couple of things. We got some lovely shots, but the highlights were a break in the clouds which gave us a window of light from the sun for no more than about 5 mins, but we captured it and it was beautiful! The second highlight was the storm clouds we could see right across Cambridge and they were EPIC!!! We literally got in the car before the clouds utterly burst, but what a sight! Amazing storm and quite beautiful. As were the pictures. And as always, really good fun to catch up with Emma again. Always makes for great pictures and cannot fail to take a bad pic (or have a proper good laugh either! Love shooting with Emma!)


As we went into August, I was contacted by some friends of an old friend of mine to do a quick family shoot with their little one in their home in Cambridge. I can't sadly put up those images, but that was really quite lovely to catch up with them, see how their new and young family were getting on and the shoot was really quite lovely. Such a smiley, happy chap and two very, very proud parents. They are going to make a great team and I think I got some great memories for them.

Something I have been recently thinking about is also keeping the core of my business but branching out into other areas. I feel I need to up the game a little. Its been something on the cards for a while, but I just wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I got talking to an amazing woman who I met at a wedding I shot a couple of years ago. She was bridesmaid and at that time, I didn't know what she did or who she was going to be, but Olivia was funny, intelligent, outgoing, beautiful. And as she found me on social media after I posted the bride and groom's images, it became quickly clear that this was one hell of a talented lady! Graduate of a performance arts school, she can sing, dance, act, model, the lot! And that got me thinking....she would know something about an industry that might give me another outlet for my creativity. And I was right! After speaking to her, we arranged a test headshot shoot in exchange for her advice and my pictures. But on the back of that, she arranged with me a photoshoot for her sister and her very young nephew as a birthday present. I was happy to do all of this as not only was I doing something nice for someone, but I get to do a fun shoot and learn a heck of a lot along the way! The baby shoot was beautiful.....a gorgeous Mummy who was so proud of her little one. It completely came across in the images we caught in their lovely home. The two of them are utterly beautiful. And then on the same day, between those shoots and naps for the little one, Olivia and I did the headshots. What came out of both was awesome, so much so that I hopefully will be moving on with the headshots with Olivia's help as a new move forward for me. Lets see where this goes! I am going to owe Olivia a heck of a lot if this all comes off. Shes been a real font of seriously good and useful information and has been patient with my incessant questions and total lack of knowlegde along the way. Shes also been a lot of fun, so cannot....CANNOT thank her enough. Here's to a future of more potential collaborations (and me picking her brain!). Lets hope she gets her big break.....the lady should really be going far!!!


Last one of the month was a lovely family shoot for one of the Mums at my daughters school. Simple, clean white background studio style images for her, her own little family and her immediate others....Grandparents, parents, sisters, significant others.....took a while to organise due to various others commitments, but what can you do eh? Everyone has a life! But was worth it. Nice fun! Again, probably can't show the photos, but lets say I had a blast, I think they did too (I managed to get laughs out of people who really clearly didn't want to be there!) and we got stuff in the bag. I am getting better at this lark I think!

So thats it up to August.....more to come. I will get caught up soon *he says backing away slowly sheepishly* this space.....