I am just warming up...

This year started relatively slowly for me, but as future blogs will attest to, this is rapidly changing!

I started the year with a small, intimate wedding of Rachel and Mark at The Missing Sock (www.themissingsock.co.uk) in Cambridge, a small, eclectic little restaurant with a great and free atmosphere. It was a real pleasure and a lot of fun to be around just the close friends and family of these two.

Not long after this, I was contacted by an old friend who works for Professional Photo Magazine and asked me if I wanted to review a product they had. Was a bit out of the blue, but was up for giving it a go. I do like to ramble.....you may have noticed!

The product was a Black Rapid Double camera strap. I have a single one myself and love it and the new one was good, but I didn't get on with it as well as my single strap. The review can be seen in the magazine somewhere, but I was famous for all of 10 seconds! Words and pics by me, there, on the page! Cool eh? More of that to come....

I was then asked by another good friend if I would do some headshots for her burgeoning make up and beauty business. Go check her out. All done ethically and so on and its an experience rather than a "make-over". She's good!


Anyway, headshots were for the business cards, website, usual stuff. And being a bit of an extrovert herself, she decided she would also get in front of the camera. And what a brill job these three did! Great stuff


And finally, for now at least until the next blog, I was asked by Lisa, my friend at Professional Photo mag, to do another product review. Now this one didn't quite go to plan. I was not aware that the magazine had had the product under the intent of giving one away as a prize in a competition. The product was (I won't name it here) a device that was supposed to give "professional" results for headshots with a single, on camera flash and a card to work like it would if you bounced light from a wall, or ceiling, as many photographers do when there is little or no usable light in a situation. To say that I thought it wasn't very good is me being epicly understated! I asked around for potential subjects to work on and an old friend, who is in the process of completing her PhD and needed profile shots for LinkedIn and the likes stepped up. We arranged a date, met at her college in an old beautiful room in Darwin College and we set to go. We got some natural light shots in the bag for her to use straight away. They were lovely and that part of the job was done. But the product review? Hmmmmm.....well, I won't put those results up. The review went off and I was then subequently told about the competition. I had ripped it to bits, metaphorically. I felt awful!!! But I was told, and have consequently seen, that my review would be "re-worded" to be a touch more favourable. Good job really.....I wasn't kind! But I was very pleased, as was my friend Claire, of the images we got before we got the contraption out! See for yourself!

Anyways, in the next blog, as promised, as much fun as these things are, we are moving up a gear.....weddings!