Thick and fast.....

February was a quiet month in terms of wedding photography. All was gearing up for when it all kicked off in the next couple of months. But that doesn't mean to say I didn't have stuff going on! No siree!

I did a quick shoot with an aspring model in Cambridge for a bit of fun. We had been trying to arrange it for a while, but not only had I had my own personal problems, but she too had had a bit of a rough time of it personally, so the shoot never really got off the ground. But we eventually arranged it when we had time and our heads were in the right place, we went for a walk around Cambridge and tried to capture something of her and the city as we went. I think we nailed it, but she was very critical, saying she looked tired and although the photos are nice, she didn't like herself in them! Well, I disagree, but I did say we would arrange another shoot sometime to try and get what she wanted from them. But anyway, here are a couple of images.....I will let you be the judge!

April came round pretty quickly! And things got busier quickly! Firstly, the wedding of Hanna and Will, who, due to Hanna's pregnancy, were only having a wedding for part of the day, but that day was filled with fun and punting!!! Two lovely people, so easy going and just wanted a really relaxed, chilled day to remember. Boy did they get it! Sun was out, the crowd was happy and up for it and I got to go along for the ride! Below is a few shots from their day. Click on the left or right of the photos to scroll through

Good luck to them and their burgeoning family!

Then came the pre-wedding shoot of Jon and Laura. Laura was a friend and work colleague from a little while ago when I was still back working as a scientist. Luckily for Laura, she got out and went on to bigger and better things and we kept in touch via social media and the like. But we hadn't seen each other for a while and it came as a little surpise that she was getting married! But, they got in touch, we agreed that it would be fab that I could shoot their wedding and the gig was on! A pre-wedding shoot was arranged and we met up in Saffron Walden gardens, a very pretty place just on the edge of the town and a place I was unaware even existed! But was worth doing.....getting to know Jon better, having a laugh, trying stuff out and chilling out.....was an absolute blast!

I think thats enough for this blog! May gets even more busy.....some awesome stuff to come! Keep an eye out!