Definitely not any Ides in May!

May was a busy month both personally and with work. The month started with the amazing wedding at Whitworth Hall in Manchester of Hazel and Reynard. They did the very flattering thing of stalking me for a little while as they wanted to get me to travel up to Manchester to shoot their wedding, which was really rather nice! Booked into one of Manchester Premier sleeping establishments (no, really, it was a Premier Inn!), I made it up the night before ready for a long day ahead. And what a day! Meeting at the super grand Midland Hotel in the city centre, I had a very chilled morning doing bridal AND groom prep, meeting new people, having fun. Then onto the quite magnificent Whitworth Hall, the likes of a place I had never shot before, ever. It was ENORMOUS! But luckily for me, well lit and had plenty of interesting features to make the best of. Hazel and Reynard were a delight....accomodating for ideas, happy for me to get on with things and just capture what was a fantastic day. Thanks guys! I think the photos got it!

I was then hired a few days later to do a lovely family shoot in the gardens of Bury St Edmunds. I was contacted a long time ago and it took a while to get it organised due to them moving, the husband being ordained, getting family together....was tricky. And then on the day, it rained! But, not to worry, what we got was some lovely moments with a family who clearly were the best of friends






This family couldn't have been more chilled and relaxed and totally comfortable with me, each other and the surroundings. Rain and clouds didn't put them off habing a really lovely time and I thoroughly enjoyed my short time with them.