Two more (but not really!) from Mad May! (not the Prime Minsiter....)

May said, not our supreme being of a leader.....lets not go there.....

Not long after the last shoot, in my last blog, I was booked in to do what ended up being the most intimate, challenging, yet ultimately rewarding wedding I have shot to date. Paula got in touch with me a long time ago as when my daugher was at pre-school, so was hers and found out on the grapevine I did photography. When her daughter ended up going to another school, she found me through friends and reminded me she was interested in booking me for their wedding. Well, I wasn't expecting what was to come next. The wedding itself was middle of the week and there was to be four people....yep, thats right, four. The bride and groom and witnesses! That was it! And not even any photos of the ceremony! As Alice said...curiouser and curiouser! Turns out that the wedding was an intimate affair for their own reason, but wanted me to shoot a few portraits for fun after the event while they were still both dressed in their togs and to commemorate the day. Ely Cathedral was to be the venue! So, day came and Paula and her now new husband (they had been together over 20 years!) Dave looked fantastic and the weather and the cathedral made good to capture a bit of fun! The main event for photography for me was the Saturday following....

Saturday came and when I entered the room, fear struck me! Don't worry, I strive in the face of a challenge! But it was dark and whats more the DJ had gone to town with the lighting....purple, yellow, uplights, spotlights, all round the room. Basically, a photographers worst nightmare. Also, I wanted, for Paula and Dave, to try and get some "wallhanger" shots but the venue....with the greatest respect, wasn't really delivering on points of interest to make good on those shots. Never fear!!! PhotoMan to the rescue! The evening was lovely. Fun, dancing, great music, kids enjoying themselves, oldies having a was such a fun evening to be part of. I did my best in the conditions to get images that captured their event, but the wallhanger was still eluding me. Then a brainwave....the sports field outside was giving me a long shot as the sun hadn't quite gone down, but a vision appeared in my mind! See below for the outcome.....

Thanks Paula and Dave. It was really an honour and a pleasure for me to be part of the great fun you two produced! Amazing couple of days and thanks for the challenge! I hope I managed to pull it off for you!