I have been shortlisted for the Four Counties Wedding Awards!!!

Just a really quick blog for a bit of self back slapping really…..but exciting news….

As you obviously saw in the headline…but going to say it again….I have been shortlisted for the Four Counties Wedding Awards! Yep, only gone and done it ain’t I? Cor blimey guv? Blinkin’ eck! Crikey! And all those tame expletives! I am very humbled and excited and I can’t thank my clients enough for voting for me, leaving lovely testimonials and just generally being rather supportive and gorgeous! I am up against some very stiff competition, but I guess I am in it now so my chances are as good as anyone. It’s all most exciting though!

My dates for 2019 are filling up and I am now getting bookings for 2020. If you want to see what the fuss is about and why I have been shortlisted for a Four Counties Wedding Award, then have a look around the website and if you’re getting married, planning your wedding, know someone who is…..get in touch! I love a chat about weddings and finding out the exciting stuff you have planned. Lets chat!

John Woodward