Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner....Winning a Four Counties Wedding Award!

The title of this blog is kinda copyright to all round blogging guru and vintage expert Kate Beavis of Indie PR. I guess its an “in joke” but will give her credit for it! But, it’s also self explanatory……I only went and won an award for my photography, didn’t I? Yep! That’s right! As some of you will know, I blogged previously on being shortlisted for the award but I have to admit, I didn’t hold much hope or suspected I wouldn’t win, but I was hugely grateful to even be in the shortlist at all. But on Wednesday night, I attended the Four Counties Wedding Awards Gala evening at the rather magnificent Knebworth Hall and was HUGELY surprised to hear my name being read out for a Highly Commended award for my wedding photography in the photography category!


Now, truth be told, I went for the networking opportunities, the fun and glitz and just to meet up with some friends from the wedding industry I have come to know over the past few years. And usually awards don’t really hold much truck for me as I have always believed that the hard work and recognition that comes from this is the important thing. But, I have to say I have a fair bit of pride in this one. Ok, I didn’t win it outright…..the person who won it deservedly so. But I came second….SECOND….in a big pool of entrants for the Four Counties Wedding Awards and to have that Highly Commended banner from the Four Counties Wedding Awards is…..well, a little bit of pride has swollen up in me, that’s for sure and I never thought I was THAT kind of person! Who knew! Clearly not me!


But knowing the calibre of the people I was up against in the Four Counties Wedding Awards, the level of competition and to know that the judging was independent and fair and done in a blind system made it more authentic and real. To be recognised by fellow professionals at a high level in a large area in an important awards such as the Four Counties Wedding Awards, one of the largest in the country…..well…….I guess I am just going to laud this moment of pride for just that little bit longer.

What a night though! Fantastic turnout with everyone from venue owners to hair stylists to clothing hire to stylists….you name it. If they were involved in the wedding industry within the Four Counties area and was anyone or anybody, they were there. Everyone was in their finest looking glamorous and sharp and splendid, the fun was flowing, the networking and meeting was all happening….and even a film crew, which we are still in the dark about, but suspect might be some telly thing in the near future, so watch this space! All very intriguing…..I had never been to a Four Counties Wedding Awards gala, nor had I been involved at any level, so it was exciting and intriguing…

Like a fool, I didn’t take that many pictures! I was too wrapped up in having a good time! The organiser of the Four Counties Wedding Awards, the rather extraordinary Tracy Butterfield, had asked for us to take images and post on social media etc as a showcase for the evening, but I was so taken in by talking to people and having a good time, I just “forgot”. So, I have little to show on here other than this pretty awful image of me not long after receiving the award…..don’t laugh at the distorted short legs…I know I am not that tall, but blimey it makes me look odd!

Not long after me winning my Four Counties Wedding Award

Not long after me winning my Four Counties Wedding Award

And this one with our founding member Tracy Butterfield on the left and one of the judging panel, Teresa Brooks of Teresa Brooks Coaching in the centre. Proud moment!

Left  Tracy Butterfield, founder of the Four Counties Wedding Awards and many other things,  Centre  Teresa Brooks of Teresa Brooks Coaching, one of the judging panel  Right  Me!

Left Tracy Butterfield, founder of the Four Counties Wedding Awards and many other things, Centre Teresa Brooks of Teresa Brooks Coaching, one of the judging panel Right Me!

So there you go. No speeches from anyone, would have been there all night! But got to thank so many people who have supported me along the way. I have come a long way I guess in a quite a short time and lets hope it keeps going! Loads more hard work to come, as always. But thats a good thing. I am doing exactly what I love, no question.

But these people have been thanked before, they know who they are and for what reasons….. Vanessa and Dom at Rocks and Frocks Wedding planners (outright winners themselves for wedding planning on the evening, for the second year running. They basically are the best and have been true supporters and helpers to me along the way. Can’t thank them enough), Lina and Tom, who themselves were double past winners of the best photographers category and are now in a completely different league, going from strength to strength with their destination weddings and high end weddings and events and have been such fantastic mentors, guides, helpers and so on that a lot of what has happened to me is down to these guys, Kerry Curl of Cambridge Makeup Artist, another former winner of a Four Counties Wedding Award and who opened me up to so many people and opportunities that I will always be grateful for, Tracy Butterfield of the Four Counties Wedding Awards, WEDx, Appleby Events and Director of Development at the National Association of Wedding Professionals, who frankly is one of the nicest and most amazing all round super women you will ever meet and to ALL the people who have even given me a tiny bit of feedback, chat, support (or criticism, it all helps), who I have worked with and have met in the community and who have helped, chatted etc, you know who you are and there are far too many to mention. I am getting all Hollywood now, I realise, but…..without ANY of these people, this commendation from the Four Counties Wedding Awards would have been a million miles away, thats for sure.

Question is…..would the display of a prestigious award on a photographers website sway you in any way to hire them? Or would it be that it would make you look more closely and take more interest so you can judge for yourself? Or would it absolutely no bother you either way and you don’t care as long as you like them and their photography? It’s an interesting one. I for now and going to bask in the glory, rather self consciously as its not usually my way, but for this one time, I think I can manage it!

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