My favouritest top 5 alternative/boho wedding website/blogs!

Favouritest....I know, not good spelling, but it got your attention yes? You're here, so hopefully read on! This could be really useful to you....

So, I was having a chat with someone in the industry I admire and respect the other week about stuff and things etc one of the things that we rambled on about was wedding blogs. Now, I admit, I wasn't that au faix with too many of them if I am honest (and that's a bad tick on my book for sure! Bad John, bad John....) but after our conversation, I realised I am definitely missing a trick with not checking them out and reading them and engaging and using them for inspiration in my own work. 

So I did a bit of a research (with a few pointers from said lovely person I was speaking to...) and found an absolute treasure trove of some amazing blogs for the alternative and boho wedding scene, the different style, the non-traditional. Now, I love a wedding that's a bit off the favourite kind of wedding! And a lot of these blogs, as they should be, are very bride/couple-centric. I get that. But even from my own point of view, as a creative and someone putting themselves out there to do a job for you on your wedding day, (hopefully in mine and those styles), some of the ideas and images on these blogs are truly inspiring. And that is why I am going to give you a pointer to my top 5 blogs for alternative/boho style weddings so you guys can also get inspiration for maybe your own weddings coming up, or for the future when either one of you pop's that question......I on the other hand, keep picking up an entirely different set of ideas and thoughts and inspiration from these sites, but it will all be from that very same bucket of similar things....all the better to keep upping my game when photographing your amazing and bonkers, beautiful, mad, lovely, gorgeous weddings. I get better, you get better strap yourselves goes.....

(As a disclaimer, these are MY favourite blogs. I don't actually (as yet. Working on it!) have any direct affiliation with any of these blogs or directories so these aren't "sponsorship" of these blogs in any way. These are purely my own personal opinion of which ones I think are the best ones out there). 

  1. Rock and Roll Bride The daddy/mummy of them all. These guys definitely were on my radar before my chat and research and there is good reason for that. They are the longest going in this scene, the most extensive, the largest and most well known and probably by quite some margin. They were launched by the amazing Kat Williams way back in 2007 (way back...ha! That's funny....) and have grown year on year ever since. They promote people's individuality for a wedding, not being "cool" for the sake of being cool. One of the first advocates of weddings that really did move away from the traditional, they have championed via their site and their blog the idea that your wedding day is defined only by you, not by the ideas of the masses or tradition. It's an absolute treasure trove of inspiration, ideas, contacts, suppliers, blogs, real weddings and all things to do with the "unique" wedding community. There is also a print magazine that goes alongside the website/blogs and if you never went to another site to get inspiration for your own unique wedding, then I suspect this would be all the info you could ever wish to need. Go check them out. 
  2. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings I have a soft spot for these guys for two reasons. Their Instagram feed ( is rather lovely. Right on brand and style, superb and inspiring photography, fun, irreverent and speaks to me and all those who follow. Secondly, I briefly met (I say briefly, I mean I said hello and shook hands and took photos of her!) Rachel Harrison, the blog assistant for the site who also owns and runs her own wedding planning business in London. I met her at a WEDx FAM at Chicheley Hall which I wrote about in my previous blog and what a very lovely person she is! So I have a small connection there, albeit extremely small and tenuous, but its there! Anyway, these guys go all out on the photography front, so from my perspective, its inspiration manna! So many great photos, so many great photographers and so many ideas and inspiration. But it's all wrapped up in a package that speaks to no-one and everyone at the same time. There is no agenda in the direction of the information and inspiration on there other than its a melting pot for those who are a bit creative and different in what they want for their weddings. It also gives a voice to the couples in the weddings that are featured too, so you don't get just the photos or the bloggers or photographers perspective, but those who were directly involved in the day. It's another site you could spend days on and not get anywhere close to seeing it all and it's a site that gives you that lovely, warm feeling that being different and unique for YOUR wedding is perfectly Ok. 
  3. Mr and Mrs Unique Now, these guys do things a little differently, but don't let that put you off! What they offer are services outside of their blog, but its all with a unique flavour and aimed at the wedding industry and professionals within it. Even their own front page has a special section on it that states a "creative direction" and I can totally get on board with that because that's not for couples, but for people like me. So, they themselves have thought outside of the box, which bodes well for the actual info that is meant for couples going forward with their own planning as you would hope that being creative like that feeds back and shows. And it does! It passes down to couples and you get a broad view of the kinds of weddings they like to promote. Festival styles, event styles and so on. But how is this different to the others, you may ask? Well, ultimately, the end game isn't. Of course its there for inspiration for peoples big events and wedding days. But I just think they go about presenting that in a different way. Not necessarily better, all 5 of these are good. But definitely different. The blog features ALL kinds of weddings, not just the overtly unique or alternative style weddings, so you get a nice mix of the "out there" and the more relaxed style weddings, as well as pointers to all those suppliers that can provide a little bit of everything. It's a lovely site, bright, vibrant and is run with all the right intentions. 
  4. Engage Weddings These guys do things a little differently, not necessarily concentrating on the alternative, quirky or different style of wedding. But don't let that put you off! What we have is a site and blog thats a lot more intimate and is concentrated around weddings and suppliers that are based in and around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire (my own main regular areas). But what it does have in abundance and its probably down to founder Becca and her vision to bring the BEST suppliers of the regions for all weddings, be that the more traditional all the way through to the more outlandish, quirky, different and unique weddings. There is an intimacy to the community and the people on the site, as well as its not as big as the others, which gives it a more close knit feel to it. The information is no less engaging it genuinely has a little something for everyone. The blog is where it's at though. Stories and photography that grab you with a realism and feel that brings you right in. Lovely!
  5. Plans and Presents  Last but definitely not least! This is more a pure blog, a UK wide blog, but there is more than enough on there to cover almost anywhere you would want to get married. Alison is the writer, but her work covers so much, from real world weddings to creative ideas, to events, suppliers, venues and so on. Broken down into various smaller categories, the blog posts can either be written as Q&A's from couples to styled shoots for ideas and all in between. Smaller and more from one person's point of view, it's a lovely way to see things from a different angle. What you might read into a suppliers blog for instance isn't necessarily there when someone with no agenda writes out of heart and love for the industry. Inspiration abounds on this blog and again, it caters for all types of weddings, leaning towards the more boho style of wedding. But whatever it is, be sure to check it out as its wonderfully written and very well thought out. 

So there you have it. There are loads more blogs out there, of course there are. And you yourself could find things that are much more suited you yourselves than these 5. But like I said, these are MY favourite wedding blogs to read and gain inspiration from and if the style of wedding matches the style of my photography, then we are pretty good partners if you read these blogs and gather any kind of inspiration from any of them, as they are right up my street! I hope they are yours........if only that it may lead you to me, but then thats just me touting myself of course. Its my blog, why shouldn't it? ;-)

If you're already married or on your way to getting married but think this blog could be useful to someone about to or just starting out on planning their wedding, then feel free to pass it on. I hope I and these blogs give inspiration for many weddings to come! Enjoy!!!