Zzshuzzshing things up a bit!

I have no idea how you spell that word above, but you know what I mean. It's the word, the sound that some women (and men) make when they want their hair given that little bit of a lift, or an interior decorator looking at a room and thinking it's not too bad, but needs a tiny bit of work......zzshuzzshing.....anyway, I digress.....

This isn't a blog about brides, grooms, couples etc. This is purely a self indulgent one, if I may. A little bit of self promotion, a little bit of slapping on the back, a little bit of sheepish awareness and so on. But it's definitely significant. As I will explain....

Since the back end of 2017, I have been trying to bring the business up to speed a bit more with the rapidly changing wedding industry and trends. And you know what? It's definitely worked in my favour. My old brand did the job, and while I was working and booking some incredible weddings and some lovely places and couples, I felt like I was becoming a little creatively stale. Not good for me, not good for clients. Which weddings would give me that freedom to do more "out there" work? Which kind of people would give me freedom to experiment or just go with the flow? I had to work this out, but how? 

Well, firstly, I got lucky. I have met some amazing people recently who have helped me a lot. Some who have helped in getting my website out there, some who have helped in marketing, some who have helped in guidance, there are others who have helped me network, there are others who have educated. There is a list that have all contributed massively and significantly to get me to this point. And I can't thank them enough. 

Kerry Curl of Cambridge Makeup Artist who started this all off by introducing me to a large proportion of the following people. She is a star, one of the very best at what she does and I can't thank her enough. 

Vanessa and Dom Harness of Rocks and Frocks Wedding Planning and The Letter Hire People. These two have been constant rocks of advice, straight up and down honesty, guidance and friendship. It was these guys who picked up the baton and went with me and still do now. Two masters of what they do, but two of the nicest people you will meet. 

Got to give Shelly Shulman of Labelle Cake Company a shout too. Have only met her once, but in some ways, I wouldn't have got this this point without her small but very, very significant input into all of this. It was she I chatted to when it came to things like "ideal clients" and client profiling....basically allowing me to figure out where I wanted to go with the business. I think it was successful enough for both her and me that she's offering this as a service to others now!  Good for her! 

Going to give a shout to Mark Asplin of White in Motion, a videographer at the top of his game but simply for the motivational talks and speeches in my dark times. Might not seem much, but it meant a lot. Wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing sometimes. He saw the good and gave me the kick up the bum I needed....

Tracy Butterfield of WEDx, the founder of all things wedding industry related in the WEDx community has been a big exponent of mine, giving me opportunities I wouldn't have had before, me using the workshops and being able to join the community to learn and network....indirectly, she's been incredibly influential and she deserves some big big thanks....

Lastly, by no means in any way least, Lina from Lina and Tom Photography who put ALL of this together and made something coherent, cajoled me into seeing the bigger picture, helped and mentored me, gave advice, helped me make decisions, you name it. All of the above guys have had their input and its been massive. But Lina had the vision to see something in me and has put all the fab work and advice etc that the others have given me into a package that now has a direction and a focus. She's been very special and a huge influence. Kudos! 

So, I name drop. So what? What does it all mean? Well, take those people and what they ahve done and it's put me on a path that I wasn't on before. The bigger picture means hopefully I will attract more of a certain kind of client that will allow me to be more creative, but also get better pictures for the clients and myself. All one big lovely squidgy circle of loveliness. Everyone is a winner from all this. Clients, me, future clients.....suppliers, venues, and so on. 

What has changed? Well, the feel and look of my website. My content on it. The focus on the particular kind of client. And yes.....that logo! My old logo was good. It did its job. But a logo has so much power. And although it sent out a respectful and professional message, it didn't "attract". The new one hopefully does! 

NEW logo. Ha! Yep, that's me!

NEW logo. Ha! Yep, that's me!

OLD logo. Nice eh? That's just it.....just "nice".

OLD logo. Nice eh? That's just it.....just "nice".

Now, you're probably thinking that the new logo is a bit silly, a bit unprofessional. Well, that's kinda the point! Hopefully it shows more of me. Someone who people will want to get to know. Fun, different, something quirky and interesting. If I show more of me, then hopefully like-minded people will want to speak to me. It's a logo for everyone. If you don't like it, that's absolutely fine. I am probably not your photographer. But if you do, hopefully it puts across that I am friendly, approachable, fun and want to work with you FOR you. 

Clever stuff eh? The website has been tailored to match this feel and vibe, with new colours, fonts, layout, image selections (thanks Lina!) all to bring in those people who see my vision and see what I am about. 

So far, it's working. Since this revamp, I have booked weddings on the back of this that are with amazing couples who are on my wavelength, the venues are either out of this world or really lovely quirky places that are going to be a lot of fun. So, job done! 

There is a lot to be said about this "zzshuzzshing" malarky. Looks a simple thing, but the work behind the scenes has been a big commitment and scary thing to do. But hopefully, for you guys at least (as well as my own), it will pay off in benefit to anyone who wants to hire me. I reckon if you like what you see, we will get on like a house on fire and I can give you images you will never forget. 

Sorry for the self indulgent promo blog, but I felt the importance of revamping every now and then, whatever you do in life, is a great way to kickstart aspects of your life for the better. Do it. Make those changes. You have nothing to lose. I have, with the help of some awesome people and hopefully.....watch this space.....it works for everyone. 

Just taken an awesome booking in 2019 at a fantastic venue.....so get on board and join the fun! I am still taking bookings for 2019 and would love to be that person to photograph your most best day ever! 




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