Good things come to those who wait!

Something has happened that, albeit small to most, is really big to me. Not just photographically, but also as affirmation and something quite lovely. Why? It's recognition in a way for what I do. Not from all my lovely couples. As much as that is wonderful and beautiful and massively appreciated, unless I really screw up and they hate what I do, I would hope its a given they recognise and like my work, what I give to them and the memories they get of their day. I mean, that's what I am there for, right? 

No, this is recognition outside of the people you would normally think you would get it. Not just other photographers either, but someone who has influence, has reach and a following and is prepared to showcase my work because THEY appreciate it (of course, they get all the benefits as well, but they wouldn't showcase rubbish work would they?). 

So yesterday, one of my weddings was accepted and featured on a national wedding blog, Plans and Presents run by the lovely Alison (you can find her on Twitter @mrspandp and also on Insta @alisontinlin_mrspandp. She's on Facebook as @plansandpresents). 

To say I am excited is a little understatement! And the wedding they wanted to feature was one of my fave weddings on NYE at Anstey Hall in Cambridge. Some of you may have already seen the images from this wedding as, even if I say so myself, they were awesome! I loved this wedding, I loved Vic and Jo, the two beautiful brides and I loved what they did for the day. It was a very special event. 

So, go check out the link here, or click on the image below, to see the blog and have a read, go over the images again and relive a truly fabulous day! 

Thanks to all the suppliers from that day too.....who really did make it go off with a the end of the day, literally! As mentioned, Anstey Hall, Petals or Pearls Florists, Purely Diamonds for the rings, Angelfins Stationary, the amazing Kerry at Cambridge Makeup Artist (she's a sweetie and a bit of a legend), the awesome Tom's Kitchen Catering, Star Fireworks for the pretty awesome display at Midnight, Richard Palmer as the toastmaster and last but not least, The Swing Band, for getting the place LITERALLY bouncing (had to put the camera down at one point as the dance floor was moving so much!).

Those fireworks? Check out below......epic....