Pre-wedding shoot....the return!

So, a little while ago, I wrote a blog on the potential importance to some people of the pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot.

Now, why I was overwhelmingly positive about it and I tried to see it from different peoples perspective and a different look from those who had different ideas on what it would mean and how it would be, I can totally see that it can still be a daunting prospect and one that some people might not want to actually do.

I won’t go over the pro’s and con’s of the pre-wedding shoot again, I did that in the previous blog and you can read that again by clicking the link above.

But what I can say that among the many I have done, two recent ones stand out that I did that perfectly illustrate the attitudes to a pre-wedding shoot and the resultant images that are made. What DID come across….and you’re going to have to take my word for this….is that at the end of it, both couples had a really fun time, enjoyed the experience and most importantly, really understood the importance and use of the pre-wedding shoot in terms of getting use to the camera, having fun and relaxing and realising that its not as bad as you imagine it to be! Let me show you….

These guys wanted to do the shoot BECAUSE they were nervous and wanted to try and break down that fear that being in front of a camera can bring. So I chatted to them and just told them to have fun! Go wild! Be silly! Do whatever they wanted with a little guidance from me regarding location, posing and where to be. You can see that it ended up being just a rather silly time! But a heck of a lot of fun!


The upshot of all this was the nerves dissipated, the fun was there and they have some fun images that mean something to them. And I can’t tell you how much we laughed at their antics! Silly, fun, the images in some way were secondary….but they were absolutely over the moon they had done it at the end! Much, much fun!!!

Whereas these guys went all in. I don’t think either of them were particularly gung-ho or “wanting” to do it, but they were happy to try, have a go and see what we came out with. And they just went for it. As it turned out, it was all about just them spending time together, being silly, doing something they wouldn’t normally do and putting it down to another thing in life’s big adventure. It was fairly obvious pretty quickly they had got into the flow…..and loved the whole experience! And this was a lot of fun too…..many laughs, long conversations about all sorts of things and was just nice to spend time together knowing that we might not get that chance the day of the wedding!


This shoot? Properly good fun! We also had the advantage of some spectacularly good light, the right time of day and these guys who just went for it. A mix of fun, quiet times, chilled vibe but willing to just have a go, the images just show the love. Not that others don’t, but a pre-wedding shoot is what YOU want to get out of it. I can’t recommend it enough!

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