Award winning wedding photographer...would that make you book someone?

Ok, this is a bit of a boast, I will admit. But also an interesting question. If you saw on a wedding photographers website “Award winning wedding photographer” AND you genuinely liked their work, would it make you pick them over someone who’s work you liked just as much, but hadn’t been an award winning wedding photographer?

It’s does make me wonder.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was again very surprised to hear I had won a wedding photography award that was a bit out of the blue! This was “Image of the Month” on the Wedding Community Blog, a large national wedding blog for couples, suppliers and the like.

I was up against some seriously impressive competition in the images that were submitted in hindsight, so again, to have people vote for me and tell not just me but the whole community that they love my work….well, its all rather humbling really isn’t it?

The image below (and in the link) is the image that won, which pleases me very much, as it’s one of my very favourite weddings and was a heck of a lot of fun getting this image!

See the blog post here

And at the end of last year I won an “Highly Commended” award at the Four Counties Wedding Awards, one of the largest wedding industry award galas in the country. The competition was very high and to come out with this was absolutely amazing!

And yes! I am really, really happy about it!

Here’s a terrible picture taken on my phone of a print that was shot at those awards! Me standing next to Tracy Butterfield, the founder of the Four Counties Wedding Awards and Teresa Brooks, entrepreneur, coach and someone I have done work with in the past for her branding.


I was blown away by this award if I am honest, a little surprised, but very proud that the hard work I had put into the business was recognised not just in the wedding industry, but from my clients as well. To read and see the testimonials from them was really rather lovely. A proud moment.

The upshot of all this is I now get to display these badges on my website, my emails, my social media and the like!

Picture of the Month Winner 250.png
Four Counties Wedding Awards winner. Award Winning Wedding Photographer

I agree….they look really nice don’t they? And I can certainly take some pride in this for sure. But….the burning question is, would these badges on a wedding photographers website indicating “award winning wedding photographer” make you pick them over who hadn’t got anything like this, but who’s work was equally as good?

Of course I am really very happy with this. And of course I shall display them with pride!

But, how much do these influence peoples choices? Genuinely interested…….if you like, let me know what you think in the comments down below. Would be really happy to hear peoples opinions.

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