Bedinghams Farm Wedding...Heavy Metal vs Take That!

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to be able to photograph the wedding of the rather lovely and awesome Sarah and Bryan and the equally awesome Bedinghams Farm, in Sutton, near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Sarah and Bryan first met me at a wedding fair at Anstey Hall way back when I can’t remember. But I do remember hitting it off straight away with them both for our mutual love of Heavy Metal (Bryan) and university tales and japes (Sarah). And when they contacted me to meet up and discuss shooting their wedding, well….it wasn’t really a meeting…was more like a good night in the pub! We talked for what seemed for hours and I knew it would be awesome to capture their day.

Bedinghams Farm was their venue and have to admit, it was a new one on me. I wasn’t aware of it and had obviously never shot there. But, Sarah and Bryan trusted me and I do love a challenge!

We met a few times between that wedding fair and the wedding and it was such a good relationship! So chilled, so funny and it really helped we all just got along so very well. Plus the plans as they went along sounded more and more fab, so I was getting more and more excited myself!

I did a quick scout visit to Bedinghams Farm to check it out and see what it was like so I didn’t go in there blind to the lighting conditions and giving myself some shot ideas while I was there. Glad i did! Neil, one of the owners, was chilled, laid back, accommodating, friendly and very helpful and I knew it was going to be a good one from there on.

The day itself didn’t disappoint. Not one bit! The sun was shining……at first…. Sarah and her party were getting ready at the lovely guest house Grove Barn, just round the corner from the venue. Smiles, fun, babies…the bridal prep was a picture of calm, although Sarah did say she had butterflies, bless her. She never showed it.

Sarah’s dress, a lovely simple but elegant affair, from Brides by Solo in Newmarket. It suited Sarah perfectly and she chose brilliantly, as you will see and everyone agreed!

Dress from  Brides by Solo

Dress from Brides by Solo

Make up was done by the lovely and smiley Ashley of Primp Powder and Pout and wasn’t ruffled in any way with the workload and in fact finished earlier than expected and went off to a camping trip with her kids! But what a job she did. Awesome work!

Ashley Kay Gifford of  Primp Powder Pout

Ashley Kay Gifford of Primp Powder Pout


I even managed to get a few quick shots of Bryan and his best man getting ready…..making sure I captured his rather amazing boots he was wearing on the day so they were captured to memory.

Back at Grove Barn, once the dress was on and the party readied for the big moment, I whizzed off over to Bedinghams Farm to get ready for Sarah’s arrival and catch a few shots of Bryan looking nervous and the gathering crowd.

The ceremony was conducted by Humanist celebrant Katie Matthews who was ready and resplendent all in good humour and time, calming Bryan and taking his mind off the moment. Much giggles were had, which definitely relaxed the mood.

Sarah arrived just after a small delay, which got everybody on edge, which was, to be fair, quite funny! She was never NOT going to turn up….was just a matter of when! It’s her prerogative after all isn’t it? Although did make a few people sweat!

Walked in by her Dad, she was beaming from ear to ear holding a beautiful and simple bouquet designed and made by Enchanted Flowers of Ely and it set the day up for what it was……just a day full of relaxed, fun filled times with lots of laughter, magic (brilliantly on display by the amazing Matthew Le Mottee, who is a world class magician who got me and everyone else he entertained utterly bamboozled with what should have been simple tricks but with a twist that really blew your mind….), delicious food provided by Charlie her team at Little Piggy Catering (it was a build your own burger spread….how COULD you go wrong?!!) dancing with music provided by Wayne of Imagine Emtertainment who worked furiously through adversity when there was an inadvertent equipment failure caused by the really strong wifi within the building and providing such an eclectic choice and variation of music too), headbanging (yep, you read that right….. Wayne really had his work cut out. He managed it! I had to join in that bit, I will admit….) but sadly, some awful weather!

The rain didn’t stop almost all day. At one point it was so loud on the building, we could barely hear what was being said in the ceremony. And the wind? Oh my the wind…..was like a cartoon! Combine the two, we had horizontal rain and a lot of party games outside sitting forlornly on the land of the farm….a real shame.

It didn’t stop everyone from having the most amazing time though. If anything, it added to the atmosphere as everyone had to stay inside! With everyone there, it just meant that people got on with it, had a real laugh, relaxed and ate, danced and were entertained, especially by the quirky and fab little cake topper created by Cheryl Locke of ArtLocke Designs. It had many people commenting and smiling!

Awesome topper by  ArtLocke Designs

Awesome topper by ArtLocke Designs

The sun FINALLY came out, briefly, later in the evening but was very close to sunset so we had to get a move on before either the horrible weather closed back in on us or we would lose the light altogether. Was a mad rush, but was totally worth it. The shots we got were fantastic! Both Sarah and Bryan were game enough to walk across a muddy field, to stand in places that looked like they were going to fall down or impale them…all to get the shot. And we did!

Then back in for more fun and laughter and then although it was mentioned a long time ago, I was caught unawares that they wanted to do a sparkler shot! So, quick reset, check the weather (luckily the rain held off and the wind died down….a bit….) and we could get everyone else outside for some fun and laughter with a bit of sparkly fun!

I also, just in case, managed to get a couple more couple shots as well as the light was really rather lovely.

All in all, it was just the most fantastic day. I feel like I have made some friends and feel real pride and privilege to have been such a big part to the day for them and the pictures show this. Check them out below…..I am sure you agree, it was an absolutely fantastic day. Thanks Sarah and Bryan……keep being lobsters!!!


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