Pre-wedding shoot....the revisit...part 2...again...

So, here is me, banging on about the importance of a pre-wedding shoot yet again. But…hear me out….

I have already written twice about the pre-wedding shoot and from a couples perspective here and here, so have a look at those for background on this blog post if you like.

But, the points I made in those previous posts were reiterated in a big way to me recently with a few pre-wedding shoots I have had.

One of them was about using the pre-wedding shoot to get used to the camera….and me! And how important that might be for camera shy, or self conscious couples who aren’t overly enamoured with the idea of having their photos taken at all. Well, as I said previously, the pre-wedding shoot is THE ideal place to get over those nerves, to get a sense of what will happen and what to do, but also to use the pre-wedding shoot as a guide to how you and I will react. And almost exclusively, every person who has expressed a nervousness or a shyness before it has said that once they were about 10mins into it, they had forgotten it was actually a photo shoot at all and were having such good fun they just went with the flow! So much so, that Sonja in these lovely photos said that before the shoot she had worried for over a week and was actually feeling a bit sick about it all. She got the photos and then said she had so much fun that she wants to do it all over again now!

Absolutely no idea what I said here!!!

Absolutely no idea what I said here!!!


As you can see, Sonja and Stuart absolutely rocked it! But, we had pre-wedding shoot veterans Andrea and Steve come back for a second bite to the cherry (so to speak. We ended up at Cherry Hinton Hall Park in Cambridge, so pun kinda intended. They also won my competition a while ago to win a pre-wedding shoot….what are the odds?!) and were really looking forward to having another go. The first shoot was an absolute blast, really good fun and got some lovely photos from it and they were over the moon. But second time round, they were already armed and ready with all the pre-wedding shoot knowledge they needed and they just went for it…..and they were like pros! Which is another reason to do a pre-wedding shoot….it gives you confidence, it gives you a perspective you don’t normally see on yourself and its always better than what you have in your minds eye….nobody looks as bad as they think they do if they are just being themselves. Thats the beauty of the pre-wedding shoot.

You can tell with these shots I hardly had to direct or do a think… much fun and was like working with professionals, such was the comfort level and confidence.


Other contrasts to the pre-wedding shoot are those who are totally up for it but not for any other reason than wanting nice photos from it and a lovely couple hours out. Katie and Cameron were that kind of couple. They knew it was part of their package, were totally on board from the start with it and was all about them just having fun. No nerves, no expectations, just something to do and get some lovely images out of it. Of course, they osmotically “got” what the pre-wedding shoot was about of course and learned little things can make big differences, had a laugh, but learned as well and we all got used to how things worked.


Mia and Paul on the other hand told me that they had no expectations and no real idea what it was all about….other than they thought it might be a good idea to do a pre-wedding shoot for their own peace of mind. Mia was clearly nervous about the whole things, but as she had such wonderful grounds in and around her parents house, she was already set to go and comfortable and not somewhere that people could overlook and make them both feel overly self conscious. It was a lovely thing that this was available as it meant that it was a nice intro the the camera and me and it showed them if you take away that sheen of unknown, its actually not as a bad as you think. They were loving, happy, warm and just got into it really nicely and the images, despite the really not good weather, were rather lovely….


Mia finally got over the nerves and they just had a lovely time

So, just to prove a point, there are people in this next lot who had no idea what to expect, were nervous, went with no ideas but came away absolutely loving the images and wanting to do it again and not having any fear of their day.

Anna and Jamie at  Granchtester Meadows  early one morning

Anna and Jamie at Granchtester Meadows early one morning


Moral of the story? Its never as bad as you think its going to be!!! Also, you have fun, you get to know each other (me and you, not “each other”….you already do!) and you get fab images out of it.

What’s more, I put my pre-wedding shoot as part of my package, no extra cost. Because I am nice like that. You’re welcome!

I am taking bookings into 2020 and 2021, so if you think you want to face this and get some awesome photos for both before your wedding AND your wedding, then get in touch, let me know about your day, I would love to know more!

Look forward to chatting!

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