A 2019 or 2020 wedding? Doesn't matter. BOOK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!!

Yeah, its that simple. Planning your wedding has a lot going on. Venue, catering, flowers, styling, DJ etc. All super important for your big day to make it a fantastic day for you both.

But you need those memories!

I have written a fair few blogs now on what to ask your prospective wedding photographer, what you want your wedding photographer to provide, whether you can afford who you want on a budget, how to choose your wedding photographer, what kind of wedding photography you want and so on. Go check them out to give you a better idea and focus you in how you get there with what you want.

Availability keeps cropping up at the moment though. I have had a few enquiries recently for 2019 wedding photography and they have been late ones…..ones close to the wedding date….and I am unavailable. And sadly because of this, both parties lose. We lose out on a booking but also potentially the couple, you, don’t get the person you wanted to capture your day for your 2019 wedding.

Now, I also realise that a lot of people would have got engaged over Christmas and New Year, so some might want their wedding sooner rather than later, which makes it tricky all round for venues, suppliers…and wedding photographers and their availability. Don’t let this blog put you off asking though. Not at all! Although I say we get booked quickly, there will always be a weekend here or there outside of the really busy periods that might well be spot on for you wedding day. If you have your date and venue and you’re getting married in November for instance, there is much less likelihood of us being booked than there is in the middle of August!

As well as the most obvious reason I have just said, this year has been a strange one for late enquiries and it’s not just me who is seeing this. It’s across the board with other photographers I know. Why? Could be a hundred reasons. Political and financial uncertainty, longer or shorter engagements (it works both ways) and one that crops up a lot…..a 2020 wedding sounds like a “cooler” year to get married than a 2019 wedding. Yeah, that IS a reason that has cropped up….a lot! I kinda get it. And fair enough. Looks like 2020 weddings could be big!

But you especially need to book your photographer as soon as you can once your start planning whether its for this year, a 2019 wedding or a 2020 wedding (or even 2021!)

Contact them, check their availability. Meet, question, have fun. And if you like, book as soon as you can. Get that date nailed on.

Why? Because that availability will disappear the next day, next week……next hour. The longer you wait, the closer you leave to your wedding date, the more likely it is that your preferred choice will not be available.

I am pretty much booked for the whole of August this year, but these were all booked from last year or very quickly into New Year this year. I am still getting enquiries for those dates and I HATE having to turn people away. I really do. And the rest of the year, although there are some dates free, does have limited slots now, so it will only get worse as enquiries still come in.

I know there are millions of reasons each couple enquires when they do. But for want of sounding like this is self serving, I genuinely mean this to help people out. Book your photographer early. Make sure it’s one of the first things you do. That way, you get the best of what you want.

Like these guys. They are getting married in 2020, yet wanted to do their pre-wedding shoot as soon as possible as they know that once the 2019 wedding season really kicks off, time will be limited for me to arrange a date with them to get their pre-wedding shoot in. Makes sense right?

Beautiful early morning pre-wedding shoot at Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge

Beautiful early morning pre-wedding shoot at Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge

Wonderful light for this Grantchester Meadows pre-wedding shoot

Wonderful light for this Grantchester Meadows pre-wedding shoot

Early morning mist, light and frost but we made the most for this gorgeous Grantchester Meadows pre-wedding shoot

Early morning mist, light and frost but we made the most for this gorgeous Grantchester Meadows pre-wedding shoot

So, here’s plan of action for you. If you’re recently engaged and just started planning (or know someone who is), then make sure your photographer is one of the first things you put on your list. Read the articles above. Use that info, do the research and then get down to meeting your potential wedding photographers and get them booked in. It will be one big thing of yours AND your photographers mind to worry about.

I do have some space left for 2019, so I am not putting you off for enquiring! Get in touch. If I can’t help, that will be sad of course. But you never know! Can’t hurt to ask. I am also now well into taking 2020 bookings and have opened up for 2021 as well, so let’s chat about your big day! I am all ears!

Oh and I will be at the Cambridge Wedding Fair at the gorgeous Anstey Hall, run by the fab Wedding Exhibitions UK so come along as say Hi. Would love to hear about your engagement, your plans for your day, have a natter about what you really want from everything and in the meantime you can check whether I am available or not! I will have a diary with me, I promise!

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