The Pre-Wed Shoot from Two Perspectives...

I have written, in a way, about this before. But not.....if that makes sense! In a previous blog post, I talked about pre-wedding shoots, the benefits of them and why you should have them etc. Which sets THIS blog post up rather nicely. This is less of an informational blog and more of a post that is more like "look at what you could get". 

As we are full into wedding season now, the pre-wedding shoots have been coming thick and fast. But I wanted to show you just a few examples from a couple of shoots I have done recently and the contrast in the two. The images from both shoots are beautiful, capture the moment, the fun, the occasion and the excitement. But the couples in them couldn't be more different from their points in life and their backgrounds. 

Josie and Reece are young. Mid 20's, very much in love, starting out their lives together. And when we met up for their pre-shoot, I could tell straight away that taking photos wasn't going to be an issue for them. Modern tech, social media etc has given the younger generation a real feel for a good photo and they aren't shy either. Photos are an everyday thing and have been for most of their adult life. Getting those two posing was no issue at all, as it wasn't posing. It was just letting them be who they were and showing they were in love. Made my job very easy in that respect. 

Rhian and Paul on the other hand are middle aged, have been together already for 20 years. Yep, taken them a while to get round to this. But that love is there, oh yes. But it's a different love. A love that anyone who has been in a long term relationship of total comfort with each other, total KNOWLEDGE of each other, one of reading each others minds almost. And what's more, being of the older generation, photos are a newer thing in their ease of access and numbers. So for them to be in front of the camera was a much more unusual thing. It made for a very, very, VERY giggly shoot! I had to work on the posing. But I didn't have to work on the smiles. They couldn't stop laughing! 

So the point it. My package includes the pre-wedding shoot for no extra cost. It's a great way to get used to each other (photographer and couple, not the couple. You would hope that would be a given!), have some fun, get some pointers on things and get some great shots at the end of it. Some much needed together time. I also believe in the service I can give and the images you get, so getting to know someone really well helps those images, not just for the pre-wed shoot, but also the wedding as well. The pre-wedding shoot really does help that. 

Anyway, see what you think. Regardless of background, regardless of demographic....what comes out is the love of each other, the love of having fun and some beautiful images. Isn't that what its about? 

Josie and Reece rocking their pre-wedding shoot......


And now Rhian and Paul who were absolutely amazing....