Family and kids shoots used to be that good old fashioned classic white background, the slight uncomfortable and unnatural poses and so on. It still has its place. I have done them myself! But I like to add a little element of that little bit extra. You want to remember you at that time of the shoot as you were as a family. Fun, full of hope and joy, enjoying each other, remembering in years to come those little ones who have now grown up and causing you all kinds of strife.....I am kidding! No, these shoots are all of that and more. An experience, if you will. Having children of my own and based in Cambridgeshire, I get the importance of capturing yourselves in beautiful surroundings. It's important. I hope you like what you see to think we could all do the same

Portraits on the other hand are a challenge. I love trying to get the most from a person, let them enjoy themselves. Portrait photography isn't just about sitting there and smiling. That's probably the worst thing in the world you could do for a portrait shoot. I am there to capture the essence of that person, the soul, the thoughts, mind and beauty of that person. We are all beautiful inside, let me help capture that for you. 


I offer one session fee for my family sessions of £40. All edited images from the shoot will then be displayed on a secure password protected page on my site for you to view from and make your choices. The cost will then be down to how many images you wish to choose.

For the shoot, we can discuss what is the best thing for you and your family to get the best of them and can work out locations, styles etc on consultation. 

Your image picks will be provided on a USB, copyright free, for you to do with as you please. If you would like professional level prints, at extra cost on request.

Session booking fee: £40

10 image picks: £100

25 image picks: £200

All edited images from the session: £350