How do we know we we will think you’re right for us?


Well, firstly, I hope we are! But let’s see if we can work this out….here are a few things you might be asking…

How do you work? What kind of person are you?

Honest, open, helpful and fun and I hope to make you as relaxed about your wedding photography as much as possible. Do I boss people around? Nope. Am I a grumpy bloke going through the motions? Definitely not! Not my thing at all. I LOVE what I do! But I have a way of working that suits me, you and hopefully everybody at the wedding. I like to do is blend in, become part of the scenery and the crowd, capturing all those lovely moments without most people even knowing! Will make sure I get all those cheesy moments, those ones that will make you laugh out loud when you see them, the tears and the love…..everything I can possibly get worth getting.

What can I do for you? I will reassure you, I will help you organise what you want from your images, ensure you are not disappointed with what you get. My ethos is one of happy clients get the best images and I stick by that. So I always go that extra mile. I am proud to say that all of the couples I have photographed have always mentioned me as a person, method and my ethic. 

That’s nice isn’t it?

Aunt Flo wants a Group Photo. Can you do it for her?


Sure! The group photo is always a staple of the wedding photography and that won’t ever change. But we can certainly make them fun! Something a bit different to the “stand there and smile” photo (unless that’s what Aunt Flo wants of course…). They can take time though, so although more than happy to do them, I can help with a suggestion list I can send to you that will have around 10-12 groupings what will have most of the people you want in them and ask you rope in your ushers, best man, maid of honour, bar man, cake maker….whoever, to get hold of people so we can get them done for you and you can get back and enjoy the party! They are suggestions though. If you want 50 different groups, go ahead……but I did warn you they will take a while….. ;-)

I don’t want to have to stand and smile…please don’t make me…


Don’t worry, most people hate posing in front of the camera and I won’t make you do that either! I want to capture the moments, the feelings, the fun and the love and getting you guys to stand and smile at the camera isn’t the best way to do that! But, we do want to get those portraits, right? Which means you’re probably apprehensive about them. Don’t be. We will take a couple of times out of the day to go get the portraits, but you will be thankful of the time away from the crowd anyway! Go for a wander, check out some scenery, have a laugh, have some fun. You’re stoked! You just got married! Enjoy it together! We will get some lovely natural moments along the way, that’s for sure. You will probably get a bit of guidance from me for a couple of things, you will appreciate it when you see the final images. It won’t be posing, more like pointers. I want to capture you at your best and most relaxed. The pre-wedding shoot is also good for this actually…..its a nice little taster to get you used to it all. Have a read about that below. Each little session will be no more than 15-20 max, then you can get back to the fun!

Psssssttt…..hey….guys…..listen……we need to talk…..


Ok, so the best way to work out if I am a good fit for you is to talk. Yep, i’m going to get all “X-Factor” on you, but its a journey we go on and it’s a long day and we have to like each other, right? But, you have to feel comfortable with me around, you have to like me, you have to be ok with me being places, taking photos of you all day. You don’t want some stranger turning up and shoving the camera in your faces all the time as you won’t know what they are doing and will make you feel really uneasy. So, lets chat. Let’s meet up over a drink, coffee, tea etc, or I can come to you (happy to, just put the kettle on…), FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp vid….you name it. If we can chat, we can work things out much easier, get a much better grip on each other and then hopefully go from there.

The fact you have contacted me and you like my work (I hope you do. Would be weird if you didn’t and you had got in touch anyway…) is fantastic. But I am pretty sure you had a price and a style in your minds when you started doing your research, right? I get that. But for me, being able to do the best job for you isn’t about price at all. If I am in your budget, that’s great. Iif I am not, but we get on like a house on fire, do you think it’s worth passing me by for that extra few pennies? Our relationship is absolutely top priority, no question. I’ll let you work out the rest ;-)

So, go on then….what’s the damage?


Not as bad as you think, I hope! I am up front with my pricing. I do one package only, to keep it simple, starting at £1395, but this tends to cover pretty much everything that most people want. Want something bespoke? Can do that too. But, have a look here for pricing and more info, and if you want or need something bespoke, get in touch here. I don’t bite….I listen to everyone!

More questions…..here’s a few more that will fill in some gaps….


Don't be scared! Its a good thing! No obligation, I realise many people fear a camera when they think they are on show or asked to "smile". Trust me, I won’t do that!

Why do a pre-shoot? Simple really....it gets us to know each other, have a laugh, relax, throw a few pointers your way and that’s it. Nowt overly formal. Oh yeah, you get nice photos as part of that too! Totally worthwhile and a lovely thing to do. And there are fewer and fewer photographers doing pre-wedding shoots as part of their packages now....quite a lot are charging extra for that experience. You don't get that with me. I see as a really useful part of tour journey so why would I charge you extra? It IS no obligation of course, but.....for no extra cost, what you got to lose? 


Good question! It can vary, depending on the package, the day, whats going on etc etc. Not every wedding will get exactly the same. What I CAN guarantee is that if I am there all day if you booked me for my top package, then you will get a minimum of 400 images, usually way more.


I usually say, to cover most eventualities, up to 8 weeks after the wedding. But I can honestly say almost all weddings have been delivered well before that. If you can't wait, with your permission, I will probably put a few up on social media so you can have a sneak peek then! I will send you a lovely online gallery with a password for you and your family and friends to have a gander at too!


Yes, but as they are added extras, I’m not going to lie. I would do you a bespoke quote for something that's nice, durable, nicely laid out. The companies I use are good, really good and will make an album that I am sure you will really like. Its my style, hopefully yours. We can talk through the process if you really want them.


You bet ya! Both for professional and public indemnity, I am covered!


Yes, this is true. All photographers do! So all images I take on your day, copyright remains with me. But.....it's basically all legal stuff hokey pokey to protect our backs and yours I guess. I give ALL couples licencing permissions,  which means basically, you can do whatever you want to do with them! They are YOUR photos aren't they? Isn't that why I was hired? So when they are handed over to you, you can use and print them as and how you wish, no restrictions. Feel free! Go knock yourselves out! I know how much you want to show and share your big day!!!


Wherever you want me to! I am based in Cambridgeshire, which is reasonably central, but I travel around the UK. I can factor in travel to my costs if its really further afield ( don't know what "further afield” means, I guess I have to judge on the booking really....but I am cool with travel. Its fun!), but this would be minimal. Have already done a fair few weddings around the country and would happily travel abroad.


Ha! I love this question. To anyone on the other end of the camera, really, its irrelevant. Its what you do with it that counts. No point having the best hammer in the world if you can't knock in a nail is there? But, if you must know, I use Canon gear, fully professional level equipment, with backups, storage, lighting and batteries, covering me for all eventualities!


Well, you see my style on my site, so all images are edited with that. I'll let you into a little secret.........every professional photographers images look reasonably dull and boring straight out of the camera! Shhhhh don't tell anyone!!! So, we have to do what has been done since the dawn of photography...we edit. We make them look like OUR pictures. I will do the same. You will get the images with my style and looking the best they can in my own style


Wedding Photography is not like it used to be. "Stand there, smile. Stop, don't move. Can everybody just look this way.....". Things have moved on since then. Couples have become much more savvy, probably due to social media and the likes (quite literally!). So, I have had to move with the times and move with the trends. I like to think that my style reflects that. I have shot weddings "old school" in the past, yes, but I certainly never felt comfortable doing it. For me, the direction and style of modern wedding photography has gone in, even in the last 5 years or so....its so much more "me".

"Documentary" photographer is more how I would describe the style of my work. I like to be invisible by being completely visible on the day (oh what a cliche!). In the crowd, almost as another guest, anticipating those moments experience gives you to see coming....the family group having an intimate moment, a group of friends enjoying an in-joke, the bride and groom having just a couple of minutes to themselves. I can see them coming. And then capturing them in the right light, the timing, being in the right place....making sure it all comes together to make a truly memorable photograph, a moment captured that most wouldn't see. Capturing the memories you will take away from it all.


YES! Absolutely! I have worked with some incredible people over the years and have been to some wonderful venues too. They wouldn’t be on my list if I didn’t think they would do you a fantastic job and be rather awesome people to boot! So if you want to know more, I have a suppliers list here and I myself an on the list of a few venues as a trusted supplier so if you’re still looking for a pretty awesome venue, then check that page out.


Well, if you're interested, get in touch. We can arrange a to meet up, I can travel to you, we can meet somewhere convenient...up to you. A cuppa is good, a beer doesn't go a miss...your choice. We can have a chat, we can get to know each other, we can talk about your big day. Then if you think I am the guy for you, you pay a £300 non-returnable booking fee to secure the date and the balance is due 8 weeks prior to the wedding date. And that’s it! I will send you a contract and some blurb, you have a read, sign and send back and we are good to go! Its that easy!


Yep, as you will see, on the header, there is a gallery for John Woodward Photo. This is a separate service for professional level head shots for business, branding and website photography and portfolio photography. An aspect of my work that I absolutely love. Please check both the porfolio info page to learn more and to see the work I do, please visit the gallery if this is a service I can help you with. If you think it might be, then please get in touch and let’s have a chat about your needs.