Over the years I have worked with some amazing people and venues in and around Cambridgeshire and I am just adding in here a little nod to those people who work especially hard to make your big day go as smoothly as possible.



 Cambridge Tent Company

Tent hire specialists, based in East Anglia, who supply Tipi’s, Stretch Tent’s and Sailcloth Tent’s across the region for weddings, parties and events. Such a friendly bunch of people and if you’re looking for that something extra, something different and interesting for your wedding that is well away from the traditional, then these are your go-to guys! Awesome company!

Anstey Hall

Anstey is a gorgeous mansion in the Trumpington area of Cambridge. Its slightly old world feel and a little bit ramshackle, but in all the best ways, I love shooting there. Atmosphere is always great due to its size and its got easy access from all directions, as well as on site stay if required by the couple. Never shot a bad wedding there. Always such good fun! 


Bassmead Manor Barns

Idyllic is what I would say. Country barn conversion with its own house, moat, on sire catering and really friendly staff. The images from there are invariably superb because there are so many places to shoot. My main home page image on this site was shot just there in fact. 


Longstowe Hall

A grand and classic venue with some utterly stunning grounds for photography and for the wedding itself. Not only do you get access to the large house for photography, but also the walled gardens when they are open in the day. If you like a more classical venue but with that little bit extra, Longstowe is well worth a look


The Missing Sock

Ahhh the Missing Sock! Small, very small, with a really awesome vibe! Themes, decor, feel from all over the world, but mainly South African in influence (due to the ownership), its such a quirky little place. I love it there. Kids playground, great facilities...if you want different, this is the place! 


Saffron Walden Gardens

Less of a venue, more of an area! Its beautiful, but limited in bookings through the year. But do check....the maze and the back of the gardens are gorgeous. They give a more traditional feel but that's in no way a black mark. When the weather is good, the marquee is out, this is one gorgeous place that's just a little bit different to have a wedding


Marks Hall Colchester

A little bit further out, its a small but beautifully restored and made place. Beams, open windows, large gazebo out in the gardens and backs onto a lock and canal that has some wonderful grounds around it. Cute and suits a smaller wedding


The Willow Tree

I love this place! Its like walking into a page of Alice in Wonderland! The inside of the main building is quite small, with low ceilings and close together tables, but it gives the place a real feeling of intimacy. But the cherry on the top is the large teepee, the open pit fire, and the Willow Tree itself outside. A combo of this, the farmland at the rear and the general feel of what they have done to it (Dali inspired melted clocks, large plastic cows, hay bails in the summer etc), its definitely a winner for that bit of a "different" wedding


Bedford Lodge Hotel

There is a grand and traditional style about Bedford Lodge that really appeals. Clean of lines, not too imposing, high class and feel it when you get in there. The light in the rooms is superb, there is chance for people to relax and the grounds nice and open. 


The Bonded Warehouse

Again, further away than in Cambridgeshire, this West Midlands venue is something thats right out of the "quirky" wedding venue book! A canal-side old style warehouse, with all the old derricks and boat anchors still in place, its on a few floors, is rustic and basic in feel, but leads to some amazing photos, especially for outside weddings. One of my favourite places to shoot. 


Rectory Farm

Another limited booking venue, but if you want an intimate wedding with simplicity and style, this is a great little place. Just outside of Cambridge, it easy to miss unless you know its there. Another large family home but with a gorgeous garden and marquee with grounds to roam about on, its a nicely located and lovely little place




Kerry Curl - Cambridge Makeup Artist

Kerry is the go-to wedding make up artist. There are many great ones out there, I have worked with a few, some here to mention. But if you search for a make up artist in the Cambridge area, shes the one. Outgoing, fun, really easy to get on with, personable, cheerful, but very proud of what she does, she never misses a beat. Always booked up and for good reason, I cannot recommend Kerry highly enough. 


Ali Kynoch

Beautiful work from Ali, classical and modern in look, if you're looking for a reliable and very friendly person to make you look your best, she's definitely worth a shout! 


Kate Atalay

Kate is a great hair stylist who goes the extra mile. Working in all conditions, I have seen her pull off some amazing work when things weren't ideal. She is a master of what she does. 



Mia Sposa

Huge range of dresses from loads of designers, a range of prices and set right in the centre of Cambridge, well established and lovely people. 


Shades of White

These guys know their stuff and work hard! Again, great range, beautiful dresses tailored slightly to the higher end of the market, but you can tell. Really lovely people too. Friendly and fun, go out of their way to help





Jitka Made to Measure

Have known Jitka for years now and she knows her stuff. Anything from small and bespoke trim for wedding parties right the way up to 100% bespoke, fully tailored to suit dresses of all styles, she has her own on site workshop and fitting rooms and the quality of her work is second to none. A lovely lady to boot, if you're looking for that little bit of unique, then shes the one! 




Suzanne Randell - Flowers By Suzanne

Not a lot can be said about Suzanne, other than shes done it all and is one of the very best. Award winning and travels the extra mile, her displays are works of art. She is well worth speaking to




Vanessa Harness - Rocks and Frocks

Vanessa and Dom are the best in town, no question. If you have no time, if you're busy, if you are worried things will go wrong.....these guys have the lot in hand. No stone is left unturned, every facet of your wedding, if you wish, can be looked after by these guys. They even have their own sideline in large illuminated letters at The Letter Hire People. They have everything covered. They usually work with people who have a higher budget, have less time and a lifestyle that allows them the luxury, but they are open to work of all levels. And the best part? You couldn't meet two nicer people. Fun, friendly, accommodating, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough