So you like to be different? You want to make a statement? Want your wedding to be fun and carefree?

Then read on. I might be the photographer for you.....

You just want the best day ever right? With the most important people to you, your friends, your family. You want to not only make it memorable for you, but for them too. You want the time of your lives. And in a style that is completely you. Laid back, no cares, no hassle and people just being themselves. Images don't have to be posed. The best moments are those captured when off guard, having fun, being a little bit out there, letting their hair down.

You don't want to forget this day. Ever. And you need wedding photography that captures those moments and keeps those precious moments recorded forever.

You need professional wedding photography from a friendly, easy going, organised, unobtrusive photographer who will get the shot when it matters, yet produce beautiful, quirky wedding photography throughout the day. I want to capture those oddball moments, the beautiful moments, the special moments......its simple really. Well, if all of the above is what you're after, read on! A Cambridgeshire based wedding photographer, I LOVE a couple who are trying to do something a bit different with their wedding and will travel almost anywhere to do this. Flexibility and organisation to suit your and your partner's ideas and wishes, I go with the flow. What you guys want most of all is someone who can fit in with your crowd, have fun with you, but give you great quality images and great service and at a price that's reflective of all of that, right?  Well, I am giving a little wave right here, I may well be your man......but don't take my word for it, check out what these people have to say about me here. You can always have a look at some of the weddings I have done in the past too by checking out my blog and my slideshow page. I think you'll like them! 

Please check out the images below and my portfolio/Slideshow pages for a flavour of my work

There's quite a lot of information to help you plan your big day is on this site, have a browse. Had a look around? Like what you see? Get in touch. But I love to talk!  So I hope to speak to you soon!

100% same-sex wedding friendly! 




Ello, I'm John. I had long hair, ripped jeans and wore black leather a lot back in 1992, the year I found my photography passion (who didn't like a bit of Metallica? Eh? Oh....only me then....). Yeah, its been a long time. But that passion for photography has never left me. I LOVE photographing people, and when is being around people and capturing people the most fun? At a wedding of course! And what I love is being able to deliver to a couple images that make them laugh, cry, be surprised by, make them go " WOW" and make them absolutely love. I can deliver that. Because I love it too. Its why I started doing wedding photography in the first place. To be that person who can hand over the most amazing memories from the day they might never have seen (or remembered). 

What can I do for you? Whatever you need in your photos on the day! I will reassure you, I will help you organise what you want from your images, I will ensure you are not disappointed with what you get. Most people never realise that a large part of my job is wedding planning and organising! But my ethos is that happy clients get the best images and I stick by that.  Always go that extra mile. Never have I had a client so far say only that they liked their images.....I can proudly and slightly humbly say that all of them have always mentioned me as a person, my working method and my work ethic in their praise of the work I do. It all just makes my heart swell just a little!

I have heard all the horror stories there are to be had at weddings and photo shoots, some of them happening to me! But importantly, through experience, study and knowledge, I got the images. Experience counts for so so much.


Here comes my life story........sit back........KIDDING!!!


Originally a scientist for 19 years at a world famous research institute, I am now a full time wedding photographer living in the quiet of rural Cambridgeshire with my wife and my two young, mad, live-wire children. Those three are the absolute bedrock of everything I do and live for. My world, my everything. I have loads of interests that I won't bore you with because really you're not that interested I know. But I started photography simply for the fun of it. Shooting anything at first, but then gravitated quite quickly to towards photographing people. People are such interesting subjects as you can never repeat the same image twice. And I still shoot simply for the love of it when not shooting weddings. I am addicted! It's what I do. To me, I don't know of a better job than wedding photography.

Yeah, I am a bit geeky, yeah I can talk the legs of a donkey, but I hope that makes me stand out, friendly, approachable and a bit different and unique with all that other stuff that hopefully makes a you think of what makes a good photographer.

So there you have it. You will get me 100% on your day, invisible by being visible, discreet, helpful and there to capture the most important day of your life so far. Drop me a line....MORE than happy to chat!